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September 27, 2022



Czech Police have yet to take statements of 10 foreign students assaulted two weeks ago in Ostrava

2.12.2018 9:44

University students from various countries who are living in Ostrava, Czech Republic and studying there through the Erasmus program were assaulted at university facilities two weeks ago by persons unknown to them. Ten students ended up in hospital after being injured.

Czech Television reports that even though the attack happened 14 days ago, police have not yet asked a single victim for their statements. "I was talking with one [of the assailants]. Another one pushed me and struck me in the face with a glass bowl," one of the students described the attack at a university club to Czech Television.

According to the students, the police who arrived on the scene did nothing to prevent the assaults from continuing. "We did our best to tell them about it. They didn't do anything, though," one attacked student said.

The students preferred to leave the club, but the attack continued outside as well and eventually also at their dormitory. Police officers then again arrived on the scene there in greater numbers.

"Two Czechs were arrested. The police officers have begun the steps for a criminal prosecution on suspicion of committing the offense of rioting," police spokesperson Zlatuše Viačková told Czech Television.

Police have yet to confirm whether the motivation for the assault was xenophobic hatred. According to Czech Television, none of the students attacked has been questioned by police yet even though they are two weeks into the investigation.

ryz, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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