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July 6, 2022



Czech Police investigate bodybuilder who made death threats against Roma for looking forward to "war in the Czech Republic"

29.3.2022 7:40
Filip Grznár (PHOTO: Instagram profile of Filipa Grznár)
Filip Grznár (PHOTO: Instagram profile of Filipa Grznár)

Czech Police are investigating the bodybuilder, MMA wrestler, fitness trainer and YouTuber Filip Grznár for public statements saying he wants war "in the Czech Republic"; according to the news server, the police suspect that he may have committed either the crime of inciting an offensive war or denying, questioning, approving and justifying genocide. If convicted of inciting an offensive war, Grznár would face up to 10 years in prison.

"I want there to be a war in the Czech Republic," says Grznár in a video he published on the social network Instagram. "I want Russia to come to us," he says in the recording, adding that he doesn't care if he, his family or anybody else is affected.

"War is the only freedom. You know you can die at any time, and you know you can kill anybody," he said in yet another video.

"That's just good, and I want this freedom," he tells the camera, where, in addition to his repeated wish for war in the Czech Republic, he adds: "I'll do everything I can for that." According to, police are investigating dozens of cases of possible illegal public approval of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Racist attacks

In October 2020, Grznár was found guilty of perpetrating violence against a group of people and its individual members as well as guilty of approving of a felony. In a video he shot in June 2017, he approved of the murder of a Romani man on a housing estate in Chomutov and threatened to kill the Roma there.

After one of his mixed martial arts matches last year against Jaroslav Oláh, Grznár again engaged in racist insults. He is known for his indiscriminate vocabulary, illiterate writing style, use of methamphetamine, and penchant for wearing the neo-Nazi clothing brand Thor Steinar

bau, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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