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May 26, 2022



Czech police investigate racist attack on Romany

Havirov, North Moravia, 19.12.2008 16:07, (ROMEA)

The Czech police are investigating a racially motivated attack on a 17-year-old Romany man in Havirov, Markus Pape, who has been dealing with Romany issues for years, told CTK today.

The young Romany was allegedly beaten by a group of dozen supporters of the ultra right in early November.

The man suffered multiple injuries and is to be operated on.

His family refused to comment on the incident in fears of revenge, said Pape, member of the Committee for Compensation for the Romany Holocaust board.

"The young man is partially paralysed after the attack, he is not able to speak and is waiting for a surgery. This is why they do not want to release where he is hospitalised," Pape said.

Zlatuse Viackova, spokeswoman for the police in Karvina, north Moravia, said the police are investigating the case.

The assaulters aged 17-25 years are suspected of breach of the peace and of bodily harm over racial motives.

Part of the group was detained last week, accused and taken into custody, Viackova said, but she did not elaborate as the investigation continues.

According to CTK information, six people have already been taken into custody and the police are searching for the others.

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