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June 28, 2022



Czech Police investigating racist video posted by fanclub of ultranationalist party

22.2.2020 14:32
A clip from the parody video published to the website run by fans of the
A clip from the parody video published to the website run by fans of the "Freedom and Direct Democracy of Tomio Okamura" party (SPD). (Source: Facebook)

News server reports that the Czech Police are investigating a racist video posted to a website for fans of the "Freedom and Direct Democracy Movement of Tomio Okamura" (SPD) movement. The administrators of the website include regional assembly members and one MP from the SPD.

Hundreds of parodies have been made of a famous scene from the film "Downfall", in which Adolf Hitler has a temper tantrum in his underground bunker. However, some of them may actually break Czech law.

One of those that may cross the line has been published to the website for fans of the SPD. In the parody, Hitler says: "I exterminated the Jews and now even bigger motherfuckers are heading to Europe! I should have revived the concentration camps, right?"

Many hateful remarks are made in the video. "I'd immediately send all the monkeys who worship Allah [to the concentration camps]," is another line.

"We know the video at issue," said Jaroslav Ibehej, spokesperson for the National Headquarters against Organized Crime (NCOZ), when contacted by He added that the NCOZ is currently assessing it.

Police have apparently been reviewing the content of the video for roughly one month. The Facebook group for fans of SPD Tomio Okamura has more than 17 000 members.

Among the 10 administrators who are able to allow posts to the group and to delete unwanted ones are SPD party members. Czech MP Lubomír Španěl, members of the South Moravian Regional Assembly Libor Bláha and Jan Hrnčíř, and the Znojmo local assembly member Petra Svedíková Vávrová are all administrators, for example.

"I have no idea what video it is that you're talking about. As far as I am aware, posts on the page can be followed by anybody, so it's difficult to prevent provocations," Hrnčíř wrote to


th, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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