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June 27, 2022



Czech Police investigating video in which non-Romani bodybuilder threatens Roma in Chomutov with murder

27.6.2017 15:09
Filip Grznár. (PHOTO: YouTube)
Filip Grznár. (PHOTO: YouTube)

Police in Chomutov, Czech Republic have confirmed they have begun investigating the video recording in which the bodybuilder and Internet "celebrity" Filip Grznár comments on the recent murder of a Romani man there. "For the time being, an investigation is underway on suspicion of the crime of approving of a criminal act as per Section 365 Criminal Code, or perhaps incitement to hatred against a group of persons or restriction of their rights and freedoms as per Section 356 Criminal Code," police spokesperson Marie Pivková told news server yesterday.

"We are determining where the scene of the alleged crime was, but a criminal proceedings has yet to begin," the police spokesperson said. The video was published at the beginning of June on the bodybuilder's Instagram profile and shows him aggressively, vulgarly expressing his view about the death of the young Romani man, arguing in favor of the man who shot him, and threatening the Roma of Chomutov with murder.

The video was viewed more than 50 000 times during just three days and continues to be disseminated on YouTube and other social networks through different profiles. Grznár is infamous for his illiterate posts, his indiscriminate vocabulary, his use of methamphetamine, and his vogue for the neo-Nazi clothing label Thor Steiner.

In one of his videos he invites the ultra-right politician Tomio Okamura to lift weights with him. News server will continue to follow this scandal.

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