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September 23, 2021



Czech Police release video footage to find assailants of foreign national in Brno

29.1.2019 8:30
CCTV still from the 2018 incident in Brno. (PHOTO: Policie ČR)
CCTV still from the 2018 incident in Brno. (PHOTO: Policie ČR)

Detectives in Brno, Czech Republic are still investigating a case from last year in which a 31-year-old foreigner was physically assaulted on Dominikánská Street by four men who have yet to be identified. The victim told police he was first vulgarly insulted by the aggressors because of his skin color, then pushed to the ground and kicked.

The victim managed to escape into Starobrněnská Street, where one attacker caught up to him and assaulted him again. That part of the attack was captured by the city's CCTV system.

Detectives are asking the public to aid them in identifying the assailant. The suspect is about 30 years old, 180 cm tall, muscular, and speaks Czech badly in the recording, which indicates he may also be a foreign national.

The suspect has a circular tattoo on his right calf. Those with information can call the police hotline from within the country on 158.


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