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January 16, 2021



Czech Police to investigate brutal racist insults against little Natálka

Prague, 30.12.2009 17:22, (ROMEA)

Members of neo-Nazi organizations contributing to the “hooligans” web page, the Facebook social networking site, and several publicly accessible neo-Nazi web pages have verbally assaulted Natálka Siváková, the little girl who suffered serious burn injuries as a result of an arson attack in Vítkov. František Bublan, former Czech Interior Minister and chair of the Committee on Security in the Czech lower house said today that he was handing over all available evidence to staff of the Czech Republic Police Presidium in Prague, news server reports.

“I presume the presidium will immediately initiate an investigation of this matter. In my opinion, there will be enough evidence to do so. Police staffs are also already monitoring the neo-Nazi web portals and the discussions taking place there. I therefore presume they themselves have already gathered a great deal of evidence,” Bublan said in an interview with

The former interior minister said the neo-Nazis have evidently committed a crime; that stance is also supported by attorney JUDr. Milan Hulík: “I believe several crimes have been committed. The first is that they have approved of the crime during which the little girl was injured. The second crime is the statement on ‘selecting for removal’ those citizens who have sent Christmas gifts to Natálka. Those remarks were made by a Workers’ Party member and candidate.”

“The law is clear: Anyone who intentionally threatens bodily harm, etc., to others has committed a crime. Sentencing for that particular offense ranges from six months to eight years in prison without parole,” the attorney says.

Gwendolyn Albert, ROMEA, ROMEA, Prvnízprá, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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