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August 13, 2022



Czech region now has two local platforms hoping to connect pro-Roma and Roma organizations with local administrations and state institutions

6.12.2021 9:03
The logo for the Roma Platforms with the motto
The logo for the Roma Platforms with the motto "We're moving forward". (2021)

In the Czech towns of Frýdlant and Tanvald, both in the Liberec Region, civil society platforms have been created by Romani organizations that aim to reduce mututal distrust between the non-Romani majority society and the minority Romani population. The platforms also want to motivate local residents to improve the situations locally overall.  

Romany Art Workshop, a nonprofit organization run by Romani activists that is small in size and based in Tanvald, presented the project it is realizing in collaboration with partners at a recent press conference and through a press release. "In this introductory phase of the project we are concentrating on establishing regular communications with the local administration and public administration and the coordinator of the platform is participating in the community planning working groups on both municipal territories. The meetings of the platforms will be held four times a year," representative Patrik Kotlár says in the press release.

"The platforms aim to connect Romani and pro-Roma organizations, representatives of state institutions, the public administration, local administration, schools and other authorities. This is systematic work, collaboration among all stakeholders in both platforms," Kotlár says, adding that the first meeting of the platform in the Frýdlant area is being prepared for January 2022.  

The partners in the project are the ARA ART organization, the Association of Romani Representatives of the Liberec Region, the Coalition of Romani Representatives of the Liberec Region, the Frýdlant Local Action Group and the Liberec Regional Authority. The project is financed by EEA/Norway Grants through the Czech Finance Ministry. 

ryz, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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