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August 16, 2022



Czech Republic: Adopted son of Romani singer Věra Bílá found dead

Rokycany, 29.1.2013 1:23, (ROMEA)
Romani singer Věra Bílá (PHOTO: Archive)
Romani singer Věra Bílá (PHOTO: Archive)

The 33-year-old adopted son of Romani singer Věra Bílá passed away this afternoon in the Czech town of Rokycany. His body was found in a public toilet. Police are investigating the cause of his death and have ordered an autopsy. News server reports that the singer has confirmed the news and believes that someone murdered her adopted son František.

"The police visited Ms Bílá to inform her that they found him in the public toilets in the center of Rokycany. We can surmise he was the victim of a violent crime. If this had been about drugs only, such a thing would not happen. If someone is reported to have injected or swallowed a false [editor's note: poor quality] drug, then that would be clear and someone would be responsible for that. Moreover, Romani people are coming to us claiming that someone assaulted František on Saturday under a streetlamp. We don't know what's behind this," Andrej Lučka told the tabloid news server

Police are unable to confirm any of those assumptions yet. "The body of a 33-year-old man was found after 2 PM Monday in the public toilet," Rokycany Police spokesperson Simona Čejková told news server Because the cause of death is unclear, a court-appointed autopsy has been ordered and will be performed as soon as possible.

The singer Věra Bílá now lives in a retirement home in Rokycany. In 2011 she was evicted by the courts from a municipally- owned apartment into a so-called "bare flat" (holobyt) for people in material distress because she had defaulted on her rent.

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