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May 19, 2022



Czech Republic: Amaro Records recording studio wants to bring majority society and Romani people together

25.4.2017 8:14
The Amaro Records Studio in Brno, Czech Republic (
The Amaro Records Studio in Brno, Czech Republic (

The social enterprise Amaro Records, which includes a music café and recording studio, is now running in Brno, Czech Republic. Besides producing music and video clips, the business wants to employ mainly young Romani people.

The social enterprise was initiated by the famous Romani musician Gejza Horváth, who has long endeavored to open such a studio, and the IQ Roma Service NGO. "This is not just a place for Romani people to meet, but also one where members of the majority society can meet Roma," he said in an interview for news server

"Together we can create something here and present it to the rest of society," Horváth told Amaro Records is located in a forming gambling hall, and as many as 50 Romani community volunteers contributed to reconstructing the venue by undertaking marketing and promotion, painting the walls, or providing other technical assistance.

th, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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