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July 27, 2021



Czech Republic: Another peace gathering against racism and violence scheduled

Šluknov district, 8.9.2011 20:07, (ROMEA)

A group of concerned citizens has issued a declaration in response to the ongoing events in the Šluknov foothills. The authors call on everyone to support their declaration and participate in peaceful gatherings of citizens against racism and violence. The first such gathering will take place this Friday, 9 September 2011 at 18:00 in the "Na Kopečku" Evangelical Church in Rumburk on Krásnolipská street. In their statement, the authors of this petition write that they are aware that many residents are angered by the current social situation in the Šluknov district. However, they do not agree with hateful, violent displays aimed against all Romani people like the displays that have regularly occurred at each demonstration or gathering of citizens that has taken place in various parts of the district during recent weeks.

Citizens' declaration:

Light for Šluknov district - citizens of Šluknov district against racism and violence

We are outraged by the development of the situation in Šluknov district. We reject racism in all its manifestations, violence, terror, the principle of collective guilt, and the one-sided interpretation of the situation by some media outlets inciting racism.

We call for a solution to the social situation that will be long-term, non-violent, and well-conceived. We also call on towns and villages to cooperate with experienced partners, experts, and nonprofit organizations on finding that solution.

We want hope and peace for all inhabitants of Šluknov district.

Pavel and Monika Lampovi, Dolní Poustevna

Robert Ferenc, Krásná Lípa

Albert Demeter, Rumburk

Filip and Constance Šimonovští, Rumburk

Marcela Surmajová, Horní Podluží

Hana Volfová, Krásná Lípa

Rostislav Souček, Rumburk

Roman Winter, Rumburk

Natálie Barcalová, Šluknov

Contact person:

Filip Šimonovský, Evangelical clergy, Rumburk


You can sign the declaration here:

Invitation to gather

We invite you to the first of our peaceful meetings of citizens against racism and violence.

WHEN: Friday 9 September 2011 at 18:00

WHERE: The "Na Kopečku" Evangelical Church, Rumburk, Krásnolipská street.

Come support our voice and contribute your own. Come light a candle so the light of hope will continue to travel.

Gwendolyn Albert, tisková zpráva, press release translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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