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December 7, 2021



Czech Republic: Anti-Gypsy graffiti causing thousands of crowns of damage

Slaný, 13.8.2012 19:14, (ROMEA)

A still-unidentified perpetrator has spray-painted "Gypsies go away" on the facade of a corner building on Vepřkova street in the Czech town of Slaný. Police are investigating.

Michaela Nováková, spokesperson for the local police, told the Kladno daily that the owner of the building has already filed criminal charges against an unknown perpetrator. The charges are for the crimes of rowdyism and vandalism. "The damage is estimated at CZK 20 000," Nováková said.

Graffiti vandals have also caused significant damage in the towns of Kladno and Stochov. The self-appointed "artists" chose the walls of buildings as their targets in Kladno, which is the largest town in the Central Bohemian region. In Stochov they immortalized themselves on a bus. The vehicle was parked in Jan Amos Komenského street and its windows were tagged.

Gwendolyn Albert, News server Kladenskýdení, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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