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May 24, 2022



Czech Republic: RomanoNet condemns barbaric attack by Russia on Ukraine, expresses support to Roma and all inhabitants of Ukraine in their fight for freedom and independence

24.2.2022 16:55

The Russian Army launched an air and ground offensive on neighboring Ukraine this morning. Many cities all over Ukraine are reporting strong explosions, and the Office of the President of Ukraine reports heavy fighting is underway near Kharkov. The pro-Roma and Romani organizations belonging to the RomanoNet umbrella organization have called the attack by the Russian Federation on Ukraine barbaric and condemn it. 

At the same time, RomanoNet expresses support for Romani men and women and all other inhabitants of Ukraine. News server is publishing the RomanoNet statement here in full translation: 

Declaration by RomanoNet on Russia's attack on Ukraine

The organizations that are members in the RomanoNet umbrella organization condemn the barbaric attack by the Russian Federation on Ukraine. Approximately 260 000 Romani men and women live in Ukraine today. 

RomanoNet expresses support to them and to all other inhabitants of Ukraine in their fight for freedom and independence, which is happening on such unequal terms. "The Romani men and women in Ukraine already face poverty and discrimination, as they do in many other countries," said RomanoNet director Michal Miko.

"The war will worsen their situations even more. They will be pushed even more to the outskirts of society," Miko said.

"We call on everybody to uphold international humanitarian law and fundamental human rights," Miko said. RomanoNet calls on the Czech Government to provide aid to any eventual refugees from Ukraine irrespective of their nationality.

RomanoNet calls on Romani men and women in the Czech Republic not to be influenced by propaganda from Russia and not to spread the lies that are currently going viral on social media, as these lies are being shared by people who recently were attacking Romani people instead. Those who can afford to do so can contribute to support for Ukraine through the following collections: 

Members of RomanoNet:

  • Awen Amenca, z. s.
  • IQ Roma servis, o. p. s.
  • Khamoro o. p. s.
  • Kleja
  • Otevření společnost, o. p. s.
  • Romano jasnica, spolek
  • ROMEA, o. p. s.
  • Romodrom, o. p. s.
  • Slovo 21, z. s.
  • Společně - Jekhetane, o. p. s.
  • Vzájemné soužití, o. p. s.
ryz, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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