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August 13, 2022



Czech Republic: Charity refutes rumors that Romani people receive more child support from state than others

České Budějovice, 14.9.2013 19:54, (ROMEA)

News server Dení reports that the Diocesan Charity of České Budějovice (Diecézní charita České Budějovice) is refuting yet another widespread, false rumor about the alleged privileging of Romani people. Rudolf Kondáš, the newly-hired crime prevention assistant to the municipal police at the Máj housing estate there, says he hopes this summer's police operations at the housing estate in response to neo-Nazi provocations there will not have to be repeated.

Staff of the Diocesan Charity have been caring for their Romani fellow citizens for more than 20 years, but minimization of the problem, misunderstandings, prejudices and rumors very often interfere with their work. Currently, the misinformation is spreading there that Romani people living at the Máj housing estate are allegedly privileged when financial support is disbursed by the state after the birth of a child.  

The allegations state that Romani mothers receive a lump sum of CZK 230 000 after giving birth. Lenka Bouchalová, a staffer with the charity, has thoroughly rejected that claim.    

"The parental benefit, in all cases, is paid out monthly and cannot exceed a total of CZK 220 000. Every parent, irrespective of skin color, who cares for the youngest child in the family full-time is entitled to this benefit until the child turns four," said   Bouchalová, emphasizing that the charity helps everyone irrespective of nationality, race or religion.

"Anyone who finds him or herself in dire straits through no fault of his or her own will find a helping hand through us. On the other hand, we will reject anyone who wants to abuse our services," adds Michaela Čermáková, director of the charity.

Rudolf Kondáš, the new crime prevention assistant at the Máj housing estate, said he believes residents have the worst behind them. He is convinced that he and his colleague Tibor Šesták are managing to ensure calm and order, even with problematic youth there.

"As long as we are here there won't be any shenanigans. It's up to us to prove ourselves, but I believe it's going to be good,"    Kondáš said.

Fortunately, the small-scale wars at the housing estate this past summer should soon give way to the start of the hockey season and the parliamentary elections. Representatives of state organizations are solemnly swearing that they will finally start doing something about the underlying issues responsible for the violence of this past summer, even though for 20 years it seems they have not.

Czech Prime Minister is in the picture

This tinderbox situation, which is more typical of northern Bohemia and Moravia than it is of a South Bohemian town like České Budějovice, is also being followed by outgoing Prime Minister Jiří Rusnok. Last week he visited the town, and even though he did not have time to visit the Máj housing estate or any other socially excluded localities there, he has been briefed on the situation.  

Rusnok also welcomes the input of a government working group currently following this problem. "The basis of this problem is the question of employment and activating people who are not succeeding in finding full-time work on the labor market," the PM said.

"We will not be inventing any fast, miraculous measures. What is needed is systematic social work at regional level. We have many examples of this around the country and we know where things work and where co-existence is problematic. South Bohemia in general is not an example of problematic co-existence," said Rusnok.

fk,, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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