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September 27, 2022



Czech Republic declares state of emergency over coronavirus pandemic, International Romani Day celebrations postponed

13.3.2020 6:58
International Romani Day in Ostrava (2019).
International Romani Day in Ostrava (2019).

International Romani Day, which falls on 8 April, is annually celebrated with many concerts, festivals and other gatherings in the Czech Republic. This year's celebrations, however, are being interrupted by a Government measure aiming to avoid the further dissemination of the disease caused by the coronavirus.

Such celebrations include, for example, the International Romani Day events in Ostrava or the celebrations organized by the ARA ART association in Prague. Thousands of people annually attend these events in the Czech Republic and it is, therefore, essential to at least postpone them.

"For the time being we are postponing our celebration of International Romani Day. We will follow the further development of the situation and inform people of the eventual rescheduling on our website and through Facebook," David Tišer, the director of ARA ART, told

Last year the ARA ART celebrations were held on 8 April at the Archa theater in Prague. The Romani Student Movement in Ostrava has also posted a video to their Facebook profile informing the public that they are cancelling a concert to celebrate International Romani Day that was scheduled for 4 April 2020 there.

"We brought a new tradition to Ostrava. We will maintain that tradition. If it not in April, then on another date," said Vladimír Čermák, chair of the Romani Student Movement.

International Romani Day celebrations in Břeclav and other cities are also cancelled. As reported yesterday, the Museum of Romani Culture is also closed.

Given that the Czech Government has announced a state of emergency, the country will be functioning for at least 30 days in safe mode. It is clear, therefore, that no social events will be organized for at least a month.

SB, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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