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June 30, 2022



Czech Republic: Demonstrations for and against receiving migrants in Ostrava

27.4.2016 11:57
Ostrava, Czech Republic. (PHOTO:  bau)
Ostrava, Czech Republic. (PHOTO: bau)

Opponents and proponents of the reception of migrants demonstrated on Saturday afternoon in Ostrava, the third-largest city in the Czech Republic. A total of approximately 200 people on either side assembled at two different locations in the city.

The events took place without any clashes. Police kept the two groups apart.

At the demonstration held by ultra-right parties, former Czech MP and chair of the Republican Party Miroslav Sládek addressed the crowd. He also attempted to address those demonstrating in favor of receiving migrants.

Sládek did not succeed in addressing that demonstration as well. Tomáš Kužel, director of the Moravian-Silesian Regional Police, told the Czech News Agency that several dozen constables and police officers were involved in providing security for the two events.

When Sládek attempted to walk through the assembly of those in favor of receiving migrants, it sparked some mild excitement. "I'm just going to walk through there," the former MP argued to the police officers maintaining the peace.

Police ultimately let him pass by in close proximity to those demonstrating in favor of receiving migrants. Sládek attempted to address them, to no avail.

The former MP ultimately left the scene. The ultra-right radicals then marched to Ostrava City Hall on Prokešovo Square, where organizers officially ended the event.

Several smaller groups of of their people then attempted to return to the Hus Orchard area, where those in favor of migrant reception were assembled. Police prevented any eventual clashes in that part of town.

ČTK, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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