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August 17, 2022



Czech Republic: Get involved in international survey about street harassment!

Prague, 9.12.2014 19:40, (ROMEA)
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Illustration photo from

The website, in collaboration with Cornell University, is currently undertaking a comprehensive international survey on street harassment. You, too, can contribute.

The survey is facilitating an unprecedented collection and analysis of data on street harassment, including specific data from the Czech Republic. "We know that it can be hard to talk about experiences with street harassment, but in order for change to occur, we need information from you. We have done our best to make this survey as open as possible. Whether you are gay or lesbian, a Romani man or a Romani woman, we invite you to contribute your experience from the Czech Republic," reads the website of the survey organizers.

Organizers need at least 200 responses for the survey to fulfill its purpose. To complete the survey in Czech, click here  ; for English, click here.

Respondents are asked to disseminate this survey through social networking sites and to their family and friends. Should you have any questions, please write to

ryz, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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