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May 28, 2022



Czech Republic: Non-Roma and Roma from Ostrava express solidarity but will not go to Vítkov tomorrow

Ostrava, 2.8.2013 23:57, (ROMEA)

A group of non-Roma and Roma from Ostrava has issued a press release expressing their solidarity with the Romani community in Vítkov and their support for coexistence there, but have decided not to attend the protest events against the neo-Nazis that are scheduled to take place there tomorrow (Saturday 3 August). "We want to prevent conflicts and incidents. We will not play the radicals' game, and therefore we will not participate in their actions in Vítkov," the press release reads. News server publishes it in full translation below.

Press release on the upcoming demonstration in Vítkov

We, the undersigned majority-society and Romani representatives from Ostrava, condemn all aggression and crime in society. Through this press release we want to express our joint disagreement with marches by extremists and right-wing radicals.

In our opinion, the aim of these marches is merely to incite unrest between the majority and the minority, as well as to provide media attention and visibility to right-wing extremist parties. We therefore call on members of the majority and minority not to join these activities, as we do not see them as providing any kind of resolution.

We call on all people to understand that such events are merely a financial burden on the taxpayers. Instead of investing in education or resolving the critical state of unemployment and other, more necessary matters, large investments are being made into meaningless activities as a result of extremist movements that will not resolve anything.

We have a common interest in preserving people's safety and social security irrespective of their nationality and origins. We are convinced that every crime should be punished by the law.

Ordinary people have begun joining the radicals, not because of a shared interest, but because of growing social insecurity. As we all know, the result of today's situation, for all of us, is that our government so far has not resolved this in a systematic way.

We call on all of the institutions in the Czech Republic to collaborate more intensively with the Romani community in resolving our common problems. Through this press release, we want to express our solidarity with the Romani people in Vítkov and our support for coexistence there.

We want to prevent conflicts and incidents. We will not play the radicals' game, and therefore we will not participate in their actions in Vítkov.

We believe common sense will win the day!

Ernest Bandy, Vladimír Leško, Josef Facuna, Miroslav Holub, David Fráter, René Baláž, Robert Baláž, Ladislav Kroščen, Josef Stojka, Pavel Baláž, Růžena Barnová, Sri Kumar Vishwanthan, Nikola Bardoňová, Zuzana Doležalová, Helena Jedináková, Vladimíra Bednářová, Radim Miklušák, Nikol Dandášová, Simona Jirásková, Elena Gorolová, Jolana Šmarhovyčová, Kateřina Černíková

ryz, press release, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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