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May 26, 2022



Czech Republic: Nonprofits help unemployed Roma, save the state millions

Prague, 27.3.2015 23:51, (ROMEA)
A successful Romani graduate of welding course in the Czech Republic. (Source:  Slovo21)
A successful Romani graduate of welding course in the Czech Republic. (Source: Slovo21)

Last year, within the framework of a project run by the ROMEA nonprofit (the publisher of news server and the Slovo 21 NGO, 59 Romani clients in Prague 

succeeded in finding jobs, saving the state budget more than CZK 6 million (EUR 218 000). "We are glad that last year we succeeded in helping almost 60 Romani residents of Prague find work, and we managed to change their life situations. That is no easy task and I consider it a big success," said Jelena Silajdžić, director of Slovo 21.

The project is continuing this year as well. The organizations are offering an online job board, personal facilitation of job offers, and requalification courses.

Brokers in the field offer serious job seekers aid in finding appropriate jobs, as well as personal assistance with interviews. "The clients themselves asked us to accompany them to their job interviews. Some are afraid that employers will discriminate against them, others need us to give them courage. Frequently our clients are people who have not succeeded in finding jobs for a long time, for various reasons. The successful employment of such a client is always a very good result for our work," says Jan Čonka, a job broker in the field with the ROMEA organization.

The project, called "Employing Roma in Prague 2015", will not only improve the life situations of specific individuals, but will also save the state budget money. The average total cost to the state per unemployed person, according to information released by the Czech Labor and Social Affairs Ministry, is CZK 14 277 per month or CZK 171 324 per year.

By facilitating the employment of 59 individuals, these organizations have saved the state budget more than CZK 6 million. The costs of this most recent version of the project were, therefore, successfully returned to the state almost threefold. 

Renata Berkyová, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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