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September 29, 2022



Czech Republic: Only 30 neo-Nazis protested ROMEA in Příbram

Příbram, 15.2.2014 19:33, (ROMEA)
About 30 right-wing radicals gathered in Příbram on 15 February 2014 to, in their words,
About 30 right-wing radicals gathered in Příbram on 15 February 2014 to, in their words, "draw attention to the observance of rights" and express disagreement with the financing of the ROMEA organization. (PHOTO: Czech News Agency)

A mere 30 neo-Nazis ultimately made it to the assembly today in Příbram to protest against the ROMEA organization. Dozens of police officers, an anti-conflict team and a helicopter were deployed for the event. 

Police will continue to monitor the town this afternoon in case the extremists move into localities with socially deprived inhabitants. The assembly began at 14:00 on T. G. Masaryk Square.

Pavel Sládek Matějný and his girlfriend, Jana Tvrdá of Chotěbuz, convened the event. Online sources say Matějný is former Workers' Party figure and is now a functionary in the new "Czech Lions" (Čeští lvi) group. 

"Capitalism belongs on the dustbin of history and must be replaced a different, more socially just order," one member of the group said in his speech to the gathering. The neo-Nazis also criticized the reporting of news server, which they believe minimizes crimes committed by Romani people and sparks racist intolerance against other Czechs.

The neo-Nazis also criticized the new government and the new ombud, Anna Šabatová, whom they believe does not defend the rights of ordinary citizens. "There were about 30 neo-Nazis here who then went to a pub not far from the demonstration site," a correspondent for news server reported from the scene. 

Our correspondent reports that police are remaining at the scene and are monitoring the small neo-Nazi group. Cyril Koky, the Central Bohemian Regional Roma Affairs Coordinator, monitored the assembly as well. 

Activists with the Konexe group also came to Příbram to support the occupants of one of the residential hotels there.

ryz, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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