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June 30, 2022



Czech Republic: Residential hotels in Příbram fail inspection, are a "time bomb"

Příbram, 14.8.2013 17:49, (ROMEA)
The Příbram town council voting.
The Příbram town council voting.

The residential hotels in the Czech town of Příbram have become a topic for public discussion there. They are run by the Stavus firm, which is providing shelter to roughly 500 people in the facilities.

"This is a time bomb," said Vice-Mayor Václav Černý, describing the unsuitable conditions in the facilities and the fact that some residents recently refused to permit an exterminator inside. Not only are poor hygienic conditions a problem there, but the number of people using each facility is also a problem.

Town councilors are concerned that because around 500 socially excluded residents live in the facilities, a sort of ghetto is being created there. "We were warned of these problems by the operator as well and we performed an inspection of them," the vice-mayor told news server

Those participating in the inspection visit were Černý himself, representatives of the Labor Office, Public Hygiene, the Central Bohemian Regional Health Institute, and Roma Coordinator Pavel Čámský. "Some members of the commission were horrified during our inspection to see how people are living there," Černý said, adding that he believes oversight bodies have failed in this case.

Reportedly the building inspected has no fire-prevention devices installed and its hygienic conditions are alarming. "I want to push the municipal police to monitor the buildings adjacent to the residential hotels and I also want to meet as soon as possible with the Stavus firm to discuss the situation," Černý said, adding that he also wants the town to meet with the Alien Police about those living in the facilities.

brf,, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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