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December 7, 2021



Czech Republic: Romani family harassed by xenophobic neighbors with vulgar abuse and threats

28.4.2019 15:34
Decorations of the residence of the Mikšovský family prior to the 2017 elections in the Czech Republic - the posters for the
Decorations of the residence of the Mikšovský family prior to the 2017 elections in the Czech Republic - the posters for the "Freedom and Direct Democracy of Tomio Okamura" (SPD) movement read "No to Islam, No to Terrorists" and "We Will Stop Illegal Immigration and the Dictatorship of the EU". (PHOTO:

A Romani family from Nečtiny (Plzeň district) has become a target for assault and threats committed by their neighbors, the Mikšovský family, who are adherents of the ultra-right and supporters of the "Freedom and Direct Democracy of Tomio Okamura" (SPD) political movement. The Romani family believes the Mikšovský family hates the fact that Romani people have acquired a house and plot of land next door to them.

The Mikšovský family members allegedly also have conflicts with others in the village and publish fabricated anti-Muslim and anti-Romani reports and videos to their Facebook pages. The disinformation Facebook profile "Nestra Istra", which has recently been reviewed by news server Manipulátoř, has called for the deceptive reports about this Romani family to be shared by all "patriots".

The allegations are being shared by disinformation websites such as Aeronet or Svobodný vysílač ("Free Broadcaster"). "They are alleging that we are brutally assaulting and threatening them. The opposite is the case. In the commentaries beneath their post on Facebook some people have already written that they want to come to Nečtiny to take a look at us... We're actually afraid of that. We fear somebody might come here and set our house on fire. I keep recalling the case of Natálka," a woman who is a member of the family being victimized by the constant online assaults described to news server

The Romani woman, who is in the beginning of her eighth month of pregnancy, says a female neighbor threatened to "kick the child out of your belly" and uses her dog to bother her. Other people were present during this invective and threats and are willing to testify to police, who are investigating.

Other inhabitants of Nečtiny have confirmed to news server that the Mikšovský family have committed problematic, violent behavior. "Their behavior crosses the line of what is normal. They have disputes underway with many people. Their cases, for the time being, end up just being considered misdemeanors, but who knows how far it will go. They have disputes underway with the schools their children attend, they have disputes with the Labor Office, with the police and with the mayor, they even got into arguments with Okamura's SPD party, which eventually excluded them ...," a resident told news server on condition of anonymity.

The Romani family is currently in contact with a legal organization that aids victims of hate crime. "We just want to live with our family in a calm environment and not in fear. We are in contact with a legal organization and we are considering pressing criminal charges," the victimized Romani family told news server

redakce, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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