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May 25, 2022



Czech Republic: Romani men get prison without for parole for property destruction and threats

Prague, 22.12.2014 2:12, (ROMEA)
The little village of Strýčkovice (Domažlice district).
The little village of Strýčkovice (Domažlice district).

Two men who intended to intimidate an eyewitness to a previous incident in which they were involved in the town of Strýčkovice (Domažlice district) in March of this year have now been sentenced. David Matuš got 18 months in a prison with close security and his uncle Radek got 30 months in maximum security prison.

Both men were charged with trespassing and property damage, while David was also charged with making dangerous threats. According to the file, both men wanted to intimidate their neighbor, who was supposed to testify against members of the troubled Matuš family.

On 14 March of this year the perpetrators hurled a paving stone and rocks at the neighboring house and at two other men who were there. "They also threatened to kill the owner of the bouse and chop his head off. The accused David Matuš was armed with a knife at the time," the state prosecutor said.

brf, ČTK, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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