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December 3, 2021



Czech Republic: Romani woman who saved five lives four years ago lives in a shelter because no one will rent to her

7.11.2016 15:54

"I still remember what happened back then, I frequently discuss it with my friends... or I sometimes jerk awake when I'm asleep and dreaming about the water. It's better now, though," says Irena Drevňáková, the Romani woman who did not hesitate four years ago to save the lives of several people who were in a car crash.

News server traveled recently to the village of Studená near Jindřichův Hradec, where Drevňáková currently lives together with her boyfriend and their three children in a shelter. All of the promises made to her after she received many awards in recognition of her good deed are now just a fading echo.

Drevňáková has not heard from those she saved or their families since. In the video interview above, she discusses how her family has been living after her previous residence was condemned, how they are faring with finding housing and jobs, and what their wishes are for the future.

The native of Telč was awarded a Silver Medal by the Czech Senate in 2012 for saving the lives of five people. Two others involved in the rescue, Roman Červenka and Jiří Kadlec, also received that award.

The trio were honored for intervening without hesitation at the scene of a serious traffic accident in which a vehicle with five people inside crashed into a tree and then was hurled into a fishpond, where it sank beneath the surface. The brave 24-year-old woman was given the "Gypsy Spirit 2013" award one year later for "Good Deed of the Year" as well as several other awards from various institutions.

brf, adg, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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