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Czech Republic sees eighth BARUVAS program meeting for Romani students

5.3.2019 8:59
Photo from the BARUVAS (in Romanes,
Photo from the BARUVAS (in Romanes, "We Are Growing") meeting of Romani students in the Czech Republic. (PHOTO: Petr Zewlakk Vrabec)

Last weekend was the eighth meeting of the BARUVAS program ("We Are Growing" in Romanes) offered by the ROMEA organization's Romani Scholarship Program. The gathering in northern Bohemia focused on how Romani students can present themselves in the media and through online social networks.

The instructors during the four-day session included the dancer, media communications lecturer and singer Matěj Pardus and educator Marcela Surmajová, who has long dedicated herself to working with children, organizing recreational activities for youth, and using forms of theater to work with both. "We are very glad that the Baruvas program is enjoying such popularity," Jitka Votavová, manager of the Romani Scholarship Program, said in advance of the meeting.

"It's a big benefit to the students to meet each other regularly and learn new things together. Since the previous meetings were mainly about Romani history and language, we decided to aim this meeting in a bit of a different direction," the manager said.

"The main subject will be self-presentation in the media and online social networks, which today is a very current topic. The students will learn what kind of traps await them in online social networks and how they can take advantage of those networks for their own benefit," Votavová said.

Before the students set off for the intensive program, they were scheduled to relax together on the first evening with a dance class led by Pardus. On Friday he was scheduled to lead a block of classes dedicated to the subject of self-presentation on the Internet and online social networks.

On Saturday the students were scheduled to intensify their knowledge about the risks of cyberspace and to work on drama exercises with Surmajová. Other smaller discussions and workshops were scheduled to be led by both non-Romani and Romani professionals.

The BARUVAS concept of regular meetings among Romani students supports selected participants in their education and self-development. During the meetings the students deepen their contacts, experiences and knowledge for use in both their personal and professional lives.

The meetings are held with the financial support of Albatros, Gabrielis, the VELUX foundation and other donors, as well as gifts from individuals. More information about the Romani Scholarship Program run by ROMEA can be found on (Czech only).

redakce, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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