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July 2, 2020
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Czech Republic: Two demos tomorrow, one against "Islamic immigration" and one against xenophobia

Prague, 30.1.2015 22:40, (ROMEA)
The announcements for two demonstrations, one against
The announcements for two demonstrations, one against "Islamic immigration", the other against xenophobia, schedule for 31 January 2015 in Prague. (Collage: ROMEA)

Yet another demonstration against Islam is planned for tomorrow at noon on the Old Town Square in Prague. This one is being called the "Demonstration and March against Islamization and Islamic Immigration".

The Facebook announcement of the event includes the slogan "Let's Stop the Death Cult". Also on the Old Town Square, beginning a half an hour earlier at 11:30, there will an ecumenical and inter-religious assembly of worship called "For a Life Together".  

Participants in that assembly plan to gather at the Jan Hus Memorial for prayer, song, and to express their disagreement with hatred of minorities - Jews, Muslims and Roma. The convener of "For a Life Together" is the evangelical clergyman Mikuláš Vymětal of the "Living Together in Peace" initiative.

"The inscription on the Hus monument reads 'Love one another and wish the truth to everyone.' It is as if we have forgotten that," Vymětal said.

"When society tolerates manifestations of hatred against minorities, it ruins the atmosphere everywhere, for a long time, so that both members of the minorities and of the majority feel bad in society. However, we can only solve the serious problems of our world together. That is why we want to stand up to this exclusionary, malignant hatred with a meeting of believers from various faiths," the clergyman said.  

"Every incident of hatred and incitement sparks further hatred. I have personal experience of Muslims and I know the vast majority of them behave in a peace-loving way. In society there is supposed to be room for everyone who is tolerant of everyone else. That is why I am joining this gathering," said Renata Wesleyová, a Hussite pastor from the Saint Nicholas Church in Prague. 

brf, Facebook, "Living Together in Peace" initiative, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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