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July 4, 2022



Czech short puppet film "Sar Upre! Jak na to! How to do it!" supports inclusive education

23.2.2022 9:43
The 2022 Czech puppet film about inclusive education
The 2022 Czech puppet film about inclusive education "Sar Upre! Jak na to! How to do it!" (PHOTO: Slovo 21)

Jelena Silajdžič, director of the NGO Slovo 21, informed news server that on Monday, 21 February, a puppet film about inclusive education called "Sar Upre! Jak na to! How to do it!" premiered online. The film is meant to support teachers from the Czech Republic with implementing the principles and visions of inclusive education in Czech schools, but is intended for all interested in this issue. 

"The screenplay was created on the basis of our experts' experiences in this field and was produced in collaboration with the Slovo 21, z.s. organization, director and screenwriter Radek Beran, and the video production company Bedna Films, s.r.o.," Silajdžič said. Activities in the NGO's project "Sar Upre" are meant to lead to better implementation of inclusive education in the Czech schools so that instruction manages to develop all children irrespective of their differences. 

Educator training has been provided as part of the project that was also meant to aid in that direction. Marie Gottfriedová, director of the Primary School in Trmice, has said that: "In the Czech Republic, inclusive education is very necessary. Our society is greatly divided, and that is not beneficial to any group of people. If we manage to introduce inclusive education into our education system, it will significantly transform all of society in the future. In our view, we will become a cohesive society instead of a divided one." 

ryz, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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