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August 19, 2022



Czech soldier with Nazi tattoos to stand trial

Strakonice, 23.4.2010 19:11, (ROMEA)

Yesterday in Strakonice the trial began of a former solider from the local garrison who had Nazi symbols tattooed on his body. The symbols were discovered during an audit focusing on extremism in the Czech Army. Mira Třebická, spokesperson for the Chief of the General Staff, told the Czech Press Agency the Army stripped the soldier of his rank in March and discharged him.

The soldier had served 10 years in the Army when his tattoos were discovered during a swim test. The soldier, who worked as a driver at the Strakonice garrison, had a German-language tattoo of the SS slogan “Meine Ehre Heist Treue” (My Honor is Loyalty) on his back. The soldier was also wearing a chain around his neck with a ring on it that was engraved with a swastika.

The audit was ordered last year after it was discovered that two Czech soldiers in Afghanistan wore SS symbols on their helmets while serving in Logar province. Czech Defense Minister Martin Barták discharged them in November; both lost their right to their pensions and other advantages after the completion of their service. He also suspended their commander from service.

ČTK, Gwendolyn Albert, Czech Press Agency, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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