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March 28, 2020
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Czech town turning residential hotel into real housing

Karviná, 30.9.2014 18:47, (ROMEA)
The Kosmos residential hotel in Karviná, Czech Republic. (Photo: archive)
The Kosmos residential hotel in Karviná, Czech Republic. (Photo: archive)

News server reports that the existence of at least one ghetto in the Czech Republic may actually be indirectly helping to improve the housing of young people and senior citizens. The growing number of privately-run facilities housing the socially vulnerable is forcing municipalities to take action.

Current legislation does not give local governments much of a chance to do anything but to buy such buildings from their owners and either demolish them or rebuild them as apartments. In the town of Karviná, young families and senior citizens may now have a chance of accessing less expensive housing.    

Local councillors there have approved a measure to buy the Kosmos residential hotel and build two hundred small apartment units in its place. "These will be social apartments for senior citizens and starter apartments for young families with lower incomes," town spokesperson Šárka Swiderová said.

There are currently 15 residential hotels throughout Karviná. The most troubled one, Předvoj, belongs to the Asental Business company (formerly known as RPG), as does the Kosmos.

The town has been in a dispute with the company over the Předvoj since last year. Both parties, however, are said to be interested in the sale of the Kosmos., translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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