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September 23, 2021



Czech ultrachauvinist shares satire online - without getting the joke

31.8.2019 9:28
Czech MP Okamura's post before somebody explained to him that he had shared satire as if it were fact (2019).
Czech MP Okamura's post before somebody explained to him that he had shared satire as if it were fact (2019).

Czech MP Tomio Okamura has once again demonstrated his lack of a sense of humor, a failing that is one of the main features of fanaticism. In order to decry the Pirate Party and Romani people, he re-posted to his own Facebook profile, in all seriousness, a post from a satirical website called "The Pirates' Truth" (Pirátská pravda), apparently unaware that its content is intended as humor.

Once somebody drew his attention to that fact, Okamura added to his online litany so the defamatory part would remain in place without him also seeming to have an IQ of 60. However, even that correction was a failure.

The ironic, satirical post reads as follows: "The Pirate Party is the only one that is attempting to give enough advantages to the Romani community in the Czech Republic so the Romani elite can feel good and safe here. Our city councilor, Comrade Komenda, is rejecting the populist, racist solutions for the Chanov housing estate. Romani people are not responsible for the fact that due to locally bad weather conditions the prefabricated housing they live in is falling apart, and they do not deserve to be given containers as replacement housing. We are insisting on full-fledged substitute housing for this heavily-tested nation who have to live among racists in the Czech Republic. From a successful program of the Council of Europe and the European Commission, ROMACT, we have learned that the solution to the situation in the locality is to build nice, pretty little single-family homes for the Roma with state money. Our country is a country for all and working people will certainly be glad to share what they have and to pay the cost of building a new little Romani town next door to Chanov."

Okamura assessed this post as an authentic statement communication from the Pirate Party about the state of affairs at Chanov. He therefore began thundering:  "The Pirates are proposing that the state build nice new single-family homes for the Roma with state money. At the Chanov housing estate near Most, the housing is said to be falling apart because of bad weather... Working Czechs, according to the Pirates, are said to certainly be glad to share what they have to pay the costs of building a new little Romani town next door to Chanov. The SPD movement fundamentally disagrees with the Pirate opinions. Each citizen must have not just the same rights, but also duties! We reject positive discrimination to the detriment of working citizens, invalids, and old-age pensioners! What do you think about the Pirates?"

After being warned that he now looked like an idiot, Okamura added the following text:  "On satirical Internet sites,people are commenting in this and other ways on the Pirates' proposals to solve the problems at the Chanov housing estate and are making fun of them..." He changed nothing about the rest of his post, including the call for people to write what they think of the Pirates and his own defamation of them, which reiterates the satirical allegations as if they are true.

By making this kind of "edit", Okamura now appears to have an IQ of about 45. The satirical website has expressed its appreciation for this, writing the following about Okamura's intellectual decline:  "Comrades, we consider it a success they they are sharing our pages to such a great extent. The Fascist Okamura may disagree with our ideas, but what is essential is that our Pirate truth and Pirate opinions are being disseminated among other comrades. We are certain that sharing them to such pages will enlighten more than one Fascist and remake them into ironclad Pirates. Keep up the good work!"

Well, if you don't take care of things, they do rust. The brain is no exception.

fk, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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