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August 12, 2022



Director of Jewish Museum in Prague responds to commentary by František Kostlán, says its remarks about him are "gossip"

21.5.2021 9:13
Leo Pavlát (PHOTO: Dezidor, Wikipedia)
Leo Pavlát (PHOTO: Dezidor, Wikipedia)

The director of the Jewish Museum in Prague, Leo Pavlát, has responded to a commentary by František Kostlán on the scandal of the fact that the governing bodies of the Terezín Initiative (TI) and its Institute of the Terezín Initiative (ITI) have rejected the reading of the names of the Romani victims of Nazism on the occasion of Yom HaShoah in the Czech Republic. In his commentary, Kostlán writes about Pavlát's role in the decision; Pavlát has objected to that part of the article and is accusing Kostlán of having "fabricated gossip" and "neglecting to back up his arbitrary claims with any facts"; news server is publishing Leo Pavlát's statement in full here. 

Statement by Leo Pavlát 

On František Kostlán's professional ethics 

František Kostlán, in his piece entitled "Both the Jews and the Roma were victims of the Holocaust" published on on 14 May 2021 repeatedly expresses views about my person. What is more, he has fabricated gossip, and on top of that he is neglecting to back up his arbitrary claims with any facts. The state of František Kostlán's text does not constitute an indictment of me, but of the professional ethics of its author. 

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