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September 19, 2020



EU-subsidised project to boost Czech Romany employment, training

Prague, 6.3.2007 16:05, (CTK)

Velka Ohrada, a Romany association in Prague, has launched a new project aimed to enhance employment of Romanies in the Czech capital, the association head Lenka Kolinska told CTK today.

About 40 participants will attend a motivation and retraining courses that should help them find jobs, Kolinska said.

The 1.5-year project worth 5.9 million crowns will be financed partly from the European Social Fund and partly from the Czech state budget.

The three-month motivation course will start on April 1, attended by about the same number of men as women. The participants include not only the long-term unemployed but also people who want to improve their qualification. The participants have been recommended for admission by Labour Offices and field workers.

Within the motivation course the Romanies will learn to work with computer, talk to a potential employer, introduce themselves and present their skills. The course is also to uncover what kind of job would suit to individual participants, and the organisers will choose retraining courses for each accordingly.

The project will offer jobs to ten Romanies who could work as consultants and assistants.

Participants in the courses will also be provided with legal and psychological advice, Kolinska said.

If the project proves successful, it could be extended to cover other regions and serve as a model for tackling high unemployment of Romanies.

According to estimates, more than 90 percent of adult Romanies are unemployed in some regions. Their accession to jobs is difficult also due to their low qualification.

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