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January 24, 2022



Far-right wingers stage St Wenceslas demonstration in Kladno

Kladno, Central Bohemia, 29.9.2007 17:16, (ROMEA/CTK)

Czech far-right wingers criticised the current and the past Czech cabinets and voiced their opposition to ethnic minorities and to the U.S. plan to build a radar base on Czech soil at their 3rd St Wenceslas demonstration that some 200 people attended in Kladno today.

The rally was organised by the Autonomous Nationalists Central Bohemia group.

The nationalists with state flags and posters reading slogans such as "Stop democratic dictatorship" set off for the town centre at around 2:00 p.m., chanting "nothing but nation" and "labour, discipline, courage."

Several tens of police officers monitored the event but no intervention was needed as no incident disturbed the two-hour demonstration.

The Kladno municipality had permitted the demonstration. Mayor Dan Jiranek said there are no legal means for municipalities to prevent similar rallies.

The police detained one of the extremists who caused an incident still before the demonstration could start.

"The detained young man was drunk. At present he is at the police station but no accusations will be raised against him," police spokeswoman Michaela Novakova told CTK.

During last year's St Wenceslas demonstration right-wing extremists clashed with anarchists in Kladno, but the police managed to prevent a serious conflict.

The right-wingers hold their demonstrations regularly around September 28, the Day of Czech Statehood marking the death anniversary of Wenceslas, 10th-century prince from the then ruling Premyslide family and saint patron of Bohemia.

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