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August 15, 2020



First issue of Romano voďi magazine features Romani author Oksana Marafioti on the life of Roma in Georgia

29.3.2017 10:56
Romano voďi 1-2/2017.
Romano voďi 1-2/2017.

Whether we like it or not, since time immemorial stories have wielded great power over our lives. They can be legends, myths, or the narratives of political regimes and religions.

Stories can lead to happiness or to war - it depends which ones we believe. The story itself doesn't even have to be true, and we were reminded of the result of one particular story about people who are inferior and those who are superior at the end of January, when we marked the anniversary of the liberation of the concentration camp at Auschwitz.

This year Romano voďi magazine will be carefully choosing and preparing stories for our readers - stories from real life. Our first issue of 2017 takes a look beyond our own borders.

You will learn how Romani people are living in the Caucusus and Central Asia, and we also took a closer look at Georgia, inviting Oksana Marafioti, an American author with Armenian and Romani roots, for an interview. We will also feature a reportage by Renata Kováčová on why she decided to register as a bone marrow donor and what that experience was like.

Jarmila Kuchárová, a social worker from Chomutov, will be presented to you in an article by Stanislava Ondová, and our photo reportage will feature shots taken by children living in socially excluded areas near Chrudim that were exhibited at Czech Radio's Gallery in Prague during January. You will learn what it's like in a counseling center for Romani people of differing sexual orientations, and in our cultural segment we will invite you to the movies,  or to read comics about children who have been taken into state care, or to sample the poetry of Renata Berkyová.

Our regularly featured column by Viktor Elšík, "About Romanes", will continue a new year-long series of "Chapters from the History of Romani Literature", which will be prepared by the Romani Studies scholar Karolína Ryvolová. The first installment in that series will focus on the very beginnings of Romani folklore and literature.

Dear readers, we hope you find all of this interesting! You can order a copy (in Czech only) by using the easy online form at

Jana Baudyšová, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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