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January 22, 2022



German neo-Nazis call for participation in march in Czech town

Plzen, 14.1.2008 21:15, (ROMEA/CTK)

German neo-Nazis are calling on the German ultra-right discussion forum for participation in a march through Plzen planned for January 19, Plzen police spokeswoman Jana Vaclavova has said, adding the police are monitoring several such calls on the internet.

The German neo-Nazis invite German "free, social and national" friends and say that they expect police manoeuvres to be held in Plzen.
The Czech police say it is not clear how many German neo-Nazis will arrive, but they estimate their numbers to minimally count by hundreds.

They have already asked colleagues from Bavaria and Saxony for help.

"The Plzen Resistance organises a demo against curtailing freedom of expression and opinions in Plzen on Saturday, January 19. The date has already caused panic in the Jewish-controlled media because the first transport from the Jewish ghetto in Terezin (north Bohemia) left on January 18, 1942," the neo-Nazis write on their web site.

The police are also preparing for the possible arrival of anarchists. The Plzen Town Hall is preparing to restrict traffic along the march route.

The most risky section of the march will probably be the vicinity of the Grand Synagogue where the Jewish community will hold a commemorative meeting on Saturday afternoon. Christians are also expected to come in support of them.

From the synagogue the participants will move to the Plzen cathedral where the meeting will be ended with the symbolical lightning of candles, Karel Simr, spokesman for the action, said.

Another meeting in the afternoon is planned by the Youth against Nazism organisation.

The extremists' march was announced at the respective local authority by Vaclav Bures under the name of Protest March for Freedom of Expression. The march is to be a reaction to the police action that prevented neo-Nazis from marching through the Prague Jewish Town in November. The Prague City Hall did not ban the march.

Many view the march as an offence and mockery of the Holocaust victims.

The organisers have announced that some 150 people will take part in the march, but the police count with more people, and that they probably be armed.

The extremists have announced another march in Plzen on January 26. The respective authority has banned the action.

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