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May 19, 2022


SEARCH's new video calls on adults and children to put down their phones and go outside together

18.11.2019 9:16

The Czech-Roma music group has issued a new single as a teaser for their new album to be released next year. They have also put out a video for the song, "Life Goes On" (Život jde dál).

"The lyrics for the song came to me thanks to how I have experienced my thirties," says Radek Banga, the band's lead singer. "When you're young, you long for adulthood and envy the grown-ups their lives. Suddenly you're 37 and the opposite is true, you begin to recall your childhood and to understand how beautiful it was."

Banga believes that while each age has its pros and cons, the main thing is to know how to live life to the full at any age. The new song is a cheerful, rhythmic celebration of life.

The video adds a whole other layer of message to the song. The battle between the adult and the child in each of us is its subject.

Only by bringing these two antagonistic camps together can each become useful for the other. Of course, the duel between generations is an eternal phenomenon because times constantly change, which means constantly learning to accept each other.

The video is meant to inspire people to look for a way to connect with each other through the "here and now", i.e., by experiencing shared moments. "When we were making the video, I was amazed at how the children immediately understood the script and delivered these brilliant acting performances all day long. I think it was because this wasn't just acting for them - the games they were playing were ones they may have not suspected even existed," Banga says.

During the filming it was gradually revealed that some of the child actors had never experienced such adventures before and had no idea that they could make their own bows and arrows, or slingshots, or build a bunker. The idea of the video was, therefore, actually confirmed during the filming and was great fun for the children.

That had been the exact intention of the screenwriter - to demonstrate that both adults and children are making an error in these matters today. All it takes is for adults and children to make time for each other, to focus on each other, and not to spend their entire days on their telephones.

The video ends by warning that the "Internet's Killin' Childhood". After all, time is the most precious thing we have in this life.

Die, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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