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January 18, 2022



Group of mayors in the Czech Republic issues declaration on the "socially inadaptable"

Nový Bydžov, 14.2.2011 23:47, (ROMEA)

Today the following declaration was issued following a meeting of 48 mayors in the town of Nový Bydžov:


dated 14.2.2011 in Nový Bydžov

We, the undersigned mayors of incorporated towns, towns and villages in the Czech Republic:

1) Support MP Ivana Řápková in her promotion of a bill concerning the resolution of the issue of the socially inadaptable in the following areas:

a) increasing the enforceability of debts

- legislative anchoring of an option to conclude an agreement to attach the benefit of aid to those in material distress

- legislative anchoring of the option to subject the benefit of aid to those in material distress to the execution of decisions (preserving minimum support)

- publication of information about rent defaulters on the official bulletin boards of administrative bodies.

b) introducing the sanction of banning a person from residence, including a definition of the concept of "nighttime quiet"

c) relieving social work bodies of their confidentiality agreements for the purpose of acquiring information for the purposes of establishing tax liability

d) establishing a misdemeanor registry.

2) We demand the government anchor into legislation the option of revoking any social system benefits in the event of their obvious abuse.

3) We demand the Government of the Czech Republic seriously concern itself with the powers of towns and villages concerning their care for the citizens of other villages, as towns and villages have many socially inadaptable citizens on their territories without permanent residency and receive no compensation from the state for them in the form of budgetary designation of taxes. Even though these citizens draw on all of our public services, the village does not have the option of acquiring a commensurate share of financing from the state, even though these groups represent a significant financial burden. The towns are losing millions of crowns they should be receiving from the state to care for these citizens.

4) We demand the Government of the Czech Republic optimize the Police of the Czech Republic so that the reduction in our citizens' security which is now taking place does not continue. We demand the state ensure for those citizens who properly pay their taxes the fulfillment of Constitutional Law No. 2/1993 Coll. the Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms, the following points in particular:

a. Article 3, paragraph 1: Fundamental rights and freedoms are guaranteed to all irrespective of sex, race, skin color, language, faith or religion, political or other sensibilities, national or social origin, membership in a national or ethnic minority, property, ancestry or other position.

b. Article 7, paragraph 1: The inviolability of a person and his or her privacy is guaranteed.

c. Article 10, paragraph 2: Everyone has the right to protection from unauthorized intervention into his or her private and family life.

and that the government ensure:

a. fulfillment of the statutes of law 283/1991, Coll., on the Police of the Czech Republic, specifically on this point: Section 2, paragraph 1: The Police fulfill these tasks: a) they protect the security of persons and property; b) they collaborate on ensuring public order, and if that order has been violated, they take measures to restore it;

b. reduction of the administrative burden on the Police of the Czech Republic

c. restriction of the non-police activities of the Police of the Czech Republic

d. that 50 % of the working time of each police officer be spent in the field.

5) We demand the Government of the Czech Republic take into account the needs of towns and villages in its considerations of future social reform and the needs of social work in towns and villages, furthermore that the government anchor in legislation the obligation of the state administration to provide information and cooperation to municipal bodies upon request so the towns and villages of the Czech Republic can continue to perform their care for citizens in averse social situations or poverty and protect their health and property.

6) We demand the Government of the Czech Republic ensure changes to the law on lotteries that facilitate the regulation of the socio-pathological phenomena connected to gambling in towns and villages and ensure transfers of finances from gambling devices into the budgets of towns and villages so villages can ensure the prevention of the rise of gambling, for example, by using the tools of tax policy.

We demand the Government of the Czech Republic respond to this declaration by the chief magistrates and mayors of Czech and Moravian towns and villages by making a clear declaration on each of these points regarding how the government will respond to the demands of the chief magistrates and mayors, and that the response be delivered to the Mayor of Nový Bydžov, Pavel Louda."

Gwendolyn Albert, translated from the original by Gwendolyn Albert
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