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Help win support from Vodafone

Prague, 16.10.2012 7:26, (ROMEA)
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Dear, esteemed readers,

Journalist Ondřej Mrázek has applied to the Vodafone Foundation's "Rok jinak" ("One Year Differently") program for support for a year-long sabbatical which he would spend working with the ROMEA civic association. His role would be to focus on the news server, writing articles and reports and editing texts for us, especially translations from Russian.

We welcome Mr Mrázek's interest in working with us, both as a professional and as a person well-acquainted with Romani topics. Having him on our team will be of enormous benefit to our work. This is why we are asking you to support him and us by voting for us online in the "wild card" competition for this support issued by the Vodafone Foundation in the Czech Republic.


You can cast your vote here:

You can also vote through Facebook by clicking the "like" button at:

The foundation describes his potential contribution as follows:

"Ondřej Mrázek is an editor, reporter and translator who has worked for the Czech journal Literárních noviny (Literary News) and others. He would like to offer his services to the ROMEA civic association, which runs and has long dedicated itself to Romani topics. His project would improve the quality of their news server and their magazine, Romano voďi, and would also enhance their cooperation with the Czech media... Mr Mrázek mainly wants to reduce the publication of obviously fabricated news reports about Romani people in the Czech media and contribute to making news reporting about Romani people in the Czech Republic more objective and of better quality."

ROMEA brings together Romani and non-Roman citizens whose primary aim is to support the fight against racism, to develop the upholding of human rights, and to assist the development of democracy and tolerance in society. The aim of the ROMEA association is to contribute toward supporting Romani identity and members of the Romani minority.

Gwendolyn Albert, ROMEA, ROMEA, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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