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June 28, 2022



Jan Horváth: We need a better President of the Czech Republic. Kampel amenge feder prezidentos

26.9.2017 7:39
Czech President Miloš Zeman (2017). (PHOTO:  Michał Józefaciuk, Senat Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej, Wikimedia Commons)
Czech President Miloš Zeman (2017). (PHOTO: Michał Józefaciuk, Senat Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej, Wikimedia Commons)

The highest representative of any state should represent the nation. That means being its protector, its spokesperson, and defending the rights of all its citizens equally.

Unfortunately, the current Czech President just defends the interests of those on his side. He absolutely ignores the interests of immigrants and minorities and takes advantage of the opportunity to insult them on all occasions.

The Romani minority is a thorn in the eye of this particular constitutional official. During his inauguration he pledged and promised to be the President of all citizens of the Czech Republic.

The opposite is in fact the case. I recall how, during one of his visits to the regions, a Romani woman asked him his opinion of Romani people.

His answer was this: "Romani people should stop destroying apartments and should go work, and then I will consider them normal people." According to him, nobody Romani works, we just live on welfare.

That is a big delusion, an enormous lie that he constantly repeats on any and every occasion. He is mainly applauded for it by those who have only ever seen Romani people through the windows of a fast train, who have never gotten to know Romani culture and the lives of ordinary Romani people.

The prejudices that the vast majority of Czech people hold against us are the driving force behind discrimination and racism here. I believe and hope that the next President will comprehend that we Romani people are lawful citizens of this state of ours and that the next President will really represent us all.

It is up to us whom we will vote for. The President should be a decent, honest person, somebody without prejudices who will defend the interests of all citizens of the Czech Republic.

Our neighbor, Slovakia, has a good President who visits the settlements, knows the Romani communities and defends their interests. Kiska is a President for all, Zeman is just President for some.

Kampel amenge feder prezidentos

Nekhbareder raj andro kada them bi majinelas te vakerel pal savore nipi. Te sajinel len, parnen the kalen. Zijand Devleske, amaro prezidentos paťal čak kolenge, ko les ašaren. Le Romen the migranten čak phenel tele.

Romano nipos na kamel. Soľacharďas, hoj bečelinela savore nipen. Kajča oda nane čačo. Leperav, sar jekh Romňi lestar phučelas, sar dikhel le Romen. Jov phenďas: „Sar o Roma naphagerena peskere khera the kerena buťi, avka ena lačhe manuša.“

Pal leste amen savore nakamas te kerel buťi u las sociálka. Ada chochaviben mindig vakerel. O manuša, save dikhle le Romen pal o richlikos, leske paťan. Šoha napridžarde romaňi kultura the dživipen Romengero. Ada savoro hin načačipen, rasismus the diskriminacija.

Paťav, hoj o nevo prezidentos achaľola le Romen, the šigitinela amenge. Hin čak pre amende, kas volinaha. Pre Slovensko hin lačho prezidentos, phirel maškar o Roma, pindžarel le Romen u šigitinel lenge. Hin prezidentos savorenge. O Zeman čak varesavenge.

This article was published as part of a longstanding collaboration between news server and the newspaper Romano hangos.

Jan Horváth, Romano hangos, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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