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April 6, 2020
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Jews in Plzen organise meeting against neo-Nazi march

Plzen, 28.12.2007 19:25, (ROMEA/CTK)

Representatives of the Jewish community in Plzen have convoked a commemorative meeting outside the Great Synagogue on January 19 when Czech rightist extremists plan their march through the town, the server reported today.

The Jewish community says the radicals' march is actually anti-Semitic, and this is why it wants to mar it.

Jiri Danicek from the Federation of Jewish Communities in the Czech Republic said the real aim of the extremist march, officially announced as "a protest for the freedom of speech," is to offend and mock the Holocaust victims and survivors.

The neo-Nazis have allegedly chosen the date of the march intentionally as it recalls the first transport of Jews from Plzen to the Terezin (Theresienstadt) concentration camp, north Bohemia, that was dispatched on January 18, 1942. Out of 2605 Jews on the transport only 112 survived the war. However, the extremists claimed that the date was a mere coincidence.

Vaclav Bures, organiser of the demonstration, said he had convoked it in reaction to the November police intervention against the neo-Nazi meeting in the Jewish Town in Prague, organised by the Young National Democrats association.

Neo-Nazis planned to stage a march through Prague's Jewish Quarter on November 10, the anniversary day of Kristallnacht, the 1938 anti-Jew pogrom in Nazi Germany, which stirred up broad protests. Hundreds of right- and left-wing radicals then clashed in the streets of Prague on November 10.

Some 150 extremists are expected to participate in the march in Plzen.

Moreover, Bures calls on the participants who hold a firearm licence to carry a weapon.

In spite of protests and petitions against the march, the Plzen Town Hall officials say they cannot ban the event as it has been officially reported as a protest march for the freedom of speech. The Town Hall and police can intervene only if the participants violate law.

"The formally announced aim of the march can certainly hide different aims and intensions," Plzen Jewish community chairwoman Eva Stixova told the server.

She added that the commemorative meeting should express a peaceful, but resolute disagreement of democratic public with all extremist, neo-Nazi and anti-Semitic activities.

The commemorative meeting organised by Plzen Jews will be supported by Jewish communities from Prague and other towns, says.

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