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October 24, 2021



Leading Czech theologian expresses support for tomorrow's religious services in Krupka

Prague, 22.4.2011 17:01, (ROMEA)

Tomáš Halík, a leading Czech theologian and professor at the Philosophical Faculty of Charles University in Prague, has expressed his support for tomorrow's planned religious services in the town of Krupka, organized by the "We Don't Want Neo-Nazis in Ústí!" Initiative (V Ústí (neo)nacisty nechceme!). News server reported the news of Halík's support today. News server publishes his letter in full below:

"I send heartfelt greetings to those attending religious services in Krupka and thank everyone who has decided to face up to manifestations of hatred nonviolently through their peaceful personal presence and through prayer. I join all of those who have unequivocally condemned the recent scandalous police intervention against a peaceful religious service. My teachers of faith and morality, who survived the hell of Stalinist prisons and concentration camps, stressed the following: Evil cannot triumph over us if we refuse to use its methods, if we refuse the spirit of hatred, revenge, and violence, if we refuse to play the cards evil deals us. We should never respond to evil with evil or to hatred with hatred! This is the only way to stop the spiral of political extremism, which is now finding fertile ground in our country. Let us reflect on the example given to us by our Lord Jesus Christ at Easter: There is no better way.

Tomáš Halík"

Gwendolyn Albert,, lh, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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