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June 30, 2022



Lety pig farm solution not on horizon - Czech minister

Prague, 29.1.2009 16:31, (ROMEA)

A solution to the case of the pig farm at Lety, south Bohemia, that stands on the site of a former World War Two concentration camp for Romanies, is not yet probably on the horizon, new Czech Human Rights and Minorities Minister Michael Kocab (for the Greens) said today.

Kocab, who became minister within a recent government reshuffle, said previously the case is one of his priorities.

NGOs have for a long time sought the farm's removal and the building of a decent memorial of the Romany victims, which the European Parliament has called on the Czech Republic to do.

More than 1300 Romanies were concentrated in Lety, 327 of whom died in the camp and more than 500 were taken to the extermination camp in Auschwitz (Oswiecim).

A similar camp was also in Hodonin u Kusntatu, south Moravia. Almost 1400 Romanies were concentrated there. Several hundreds of them died there.

"It is a great alarming topic," Kocab said.

We must not forget about that both camps were in the Czech, not German hands," he said.

Kocab would not say how he wants to solve the years-long problem.

He said he wants to discuss his plans with ministers first and that he hopes he will put together enough money for the solution.

"I have a certain hope in this respect and I hope it will be confirmed," Kocab said.

Stehlikova said last March the government of Mirek Topolanek (Civic Democrats, ODS) could make a decision on the future of the camp early this year.

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