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September 26, 2021



Live online broadcast TODAY of benefit concert in Prague to support Romani accident victim's medical treatment

23.10.2018 8:53

A benefit concert will be held on Tuesday, 23 October at 15:00 in Prague for Romani community member Lenička Horváthová, who fell victim to a serious automobile accident three years ago. Musicians from abroad and from the Czech Republic will perform.

The entire proceeds will be donated to cover the costs of her medical treatment. Her mother was at the wheel and another two passengers were also in the car when the accident happened.

While everybody else came away with just slight injuries, the accident was fateful for Lenička, turning her life inside out. She fell into a coma and was paralyzed with severe brain damage.

"They told us on three separate occasions in the hospital that Lenička was no longer alive, they wanted to disconnect her from life support, but I would not allow it, and thank God she is still alive," her father says. The state of her health is improving thanks to her family, but the cost of her treatment is very high.


  • To donate from within the Czech Republic: 115-8033480297/0100
  • To donate from abroad: CZ87010 0000 1580 3348 0297, SWIFT: KOMBCZPP

Lenička's family has ended up in financial difficulty that is endangering their ability to pay for the treatment on which her life depends. The benefit concert for her will be held at the Congress Center in Prague.

Musicians Monika Bagárová, Jan Bendig, Tomáš Botlo, Milan Kroka and Cuban singer Tanda Corrons and her orchestra will perform. Tickets to the concert can be bought HERE.

By buying a ticket you are contributing to helping cover the costs of some of the special equipment Lenička needs to use on a day-to-day basis. The bank accounts above allow individuals to make direct donations.


th, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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