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May 25, 2022



Miroslav Kováč: GRRP is "unduly interfering in the internal affairs" of the Equal Opportunities Party

Prague, 7.5.2014 22:32, (ROMEA)
Romani commentator Miroslav Kováč, Czech Republic.
Romani commentator Miroslav Kováč, Czech Republic.

Miroslav Kováč of the Equal Opportunities Party (Strana rovných příležitostí - SRP) believes the Committee of Romani Regional Representatives (Grémium romských regionálních představitelů - GRRP), which has challenged the party to find a new chair, is dictatorially, unduly interfering in the internal affairs of a properly-registered political party. News server publishes his statement here in full translation: 

Response to the published challenge from the GRRP

A challenge has been published on news server for members of the Equal Opportunities Party to find a new chair. The challenge reads in part as follows:  "A professional approach to communication is our priority, not just inside our organization, but also with the broader public, and whenever one of our members does not behave according to our moral rules, we see to it that there are consequences for that behavior. We are very disturbed by the approach taken by the Equal Opportunities Party (SRP) which, instead of enacting a minimal form of sanctions against its chair by removing him, has instead published an article by one its members claiming this incident was about 'reconciliation'."

I would expect, from these elder, experienced Roma, a certain degree of decency, professionalism, proficiency, and most of all, legal awareness. For example, it is in extremely poor taste to send an "official letter" through the media and expect an answer. 

Personally, I would have sent a letter such as this to the address of the party headquarters, perhaps by e-mail, and then I would have publicized it as an "open letter". The method used by the GRRP to issue this challenge to the members of the SRP is rather a testament to their own members' lack of professionalism and superficiality.

This fact led me to look the GRRP up in the public registry, where I found that this group is not registered, which means it is an informal, unofficial group. From the available resources on the internet I then determined that, at least until recently (and perhaps even still today) the Executive Secretary of the GRRP was Mr Ladislav Bílý of the Roma Civic Association in Karlovy Vary and Mr Ondřej Giňa, Jr, the famous television anchor, was its press spokesperson.  

Because these are "significant" Romani figures, I have decided to overlook the impertinence of the GRRP and to respond to their challenge. The Equal Opportunities Party is a legal entity, and its activity and position can only be interfered with on the basis of the law and within its limits. 

The chair of the SRP is not a member of the GRRP. Political movements and parties are created through registration and governed by articles of incorporation.

In order for a party to enjoy its rights, it does not need permission from a state authority, a non-governmental, non-profit organization, or from any other group or initiative of individuals. No one can be forced to join a movement or a party.

Anyone can freely leave a movement or party. No one can be restricted in their rights because they are a member of a movement or party, because they participate in its activities, or because they support it, and no one can be restricted in their rights for their lack of involvement in a movement or party.

This means the GRRP is dictatorially, unduly interfering in the internal affairs of a properly registered political party when it writes:  "We therefore call upon the members of the SRP to remove their party chair and find a new, more educated face for their party. If that is not possible, the party should stop its activities." In a democratic society, this is unacceptable.

Miroslav Kováč, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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