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October 27, 2021



Miroslav Kováč: Longtime racist politician hands out matches during Czech elections

26.9.2016 12:49
Romani commentator Miroslav Kováč, Czech Republic.
Romani commentator Miroslav Kováč, Czech Republic.

Liana Janáčková is a former Senator and longtime Mayor of the Municipal Department of Mariánské Hory in the City of Ostrava who is primarily infamous for her blatantly extremist position toward the Romani minority, and she is running for the Senate again this year. This time around she is running for the INDEPENDENTS (NEZÁVISLÍ) movement in the Ostrava-město precinct, while at the same time, in the elections to the Regional Authority, she is heading the candidate list for the movement in the Moravian-Silesian Region.

Janáčková has been "in politics" for 25 years already. During that time she has grown accustomed to the fact that if she wants to continue to enjoy the advantages of the system without bearing any liability for her actions, she must offer topics during the elections (even radical ones) that will keep her inside the system.

The society in the Czech Republic is not interested in complex topics of the type such as "let's create inducements for firms to employ people" or "let's build infrastructure to attract investors", etc. A relatively large part of this conservative society is focused on topics that are so simple as to be primitive, such as "let's stop the influx of immigrants" or "let's abolish welfare for the 'inadaptables'", or "let's push [the 'inadaptables'] to another municipality - let somebody else take care of them."

Janáčková, who essentially has nothing else to offer, has learned during her many years of practice how to "effortlessly" leech off of our taxes without suffering any consequences and has taken up topics that correspond to her intelligence. Now she has literally begun to hand out matches during her campaign, according to the tabloid news server Blesk, just as she did in 2010.

I guess she's taking her inspiration from the Roman Emperor Nero. She says the matches are for people to light their stoves with.

Certainly, yes. After all, Semtex can be used to remove rocks from a mine - it doesn't have to be used, for example, to blow up a metro car full of people.

A meat cleaver, also, is appropriate for use in a kitchen. Who would assume that somebody might use one on a fellow human being?

Matches in the hands of a racist, however, clearly refer to the nefarious arson committed in 2009 in Vítkov, of that there is no doubt. Naturally, respectable people will not respond to this topic, and essentially Janáčková has nothing else to reach out to respectable voters with.

That is why she looks for her voters in the more or less primitive part of this society. Romani people, and "settling scores" with them, is a topic that is always "in" there.

Janáčková is allegedly not a racist, apparently because some Romani people contacted her and offered to vote for her in exchange for remuneration. However, if she is not interested in settling scores with the Roma, then what are we going to do with the more than 12 000 "inadaptable" miners if the OKD company lets them all go and they are unable to find work in her region for a year or more?

Are other professions inferior, since the state doesn't want to subsidize their members for five years after they are released? What about construction workers, road workers, welders, etc.?

Nothing against the miners, of course! However, if we want to abolish welfare benefits, then of course we must abolish them across the board, for all.

If we decide we actually want to turn our citizens into homeless people, then we have to create an across-the-board law that will affect all of them. The problem of excluded localities will not go away by waving a magic wand, but through systematic work.

I doubt that anybody who has had excluded localities in their field of competence for the last 25 years will be able to abolish them in the next four, when nobody has managed to move that problem for the last quarter-century. The problem can just be moved to another locality so it will become the responsibility of a different mayor and a different set of citizens.

That's no solution, though, and people cannot just be forced from one day to the next to voluntarily abandon their homes and move elsewhere - or if possible, even to leave the state entirely. After all, these days anybody in the Czech Republic might become an "inadaptable".

Even a politician who just sucks up our taxes with nothing to show for it but the fact that she cannot stop sucking them up, not even after 25 years of inactivity, might herself become an "inadaptable" someday. Such a person practically doesn't know how to do anything else but to be a leech and suck others dry, whether in a business or otherwise.

Miroslav Kováč, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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