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October 26, 2021



More Romani figures announce their presidential favorites - still definitely not Zeman

9.1.2018 15:57
The first-round candidates in the Czech presidential election of 2018.
The first-round candidates in the Czech presidential election of 2018.

The first round of elections of the President of the Czech Republic will happen this Friday and Saturday. News server has conducted an extensive survey asking Romani people who they will vote for.

The following responses from Romani figures are the second in this series (the first is here). News server will continue to publish more responses in the days to come, as well as the responses by the candidates themselves to the questions we have posed them about Romani-related subjects.

Daniela Cincibusová

I will vote for Michal Horáček. I like him because he takes a genuine interest in ordinary people, he is empathetic and perceptive toward them. I get a sense of humanity from him. I also like how emotional he is. I am of the opinion that politics is, to a certain degree, the place for some of the emotions that are so dismissed by our other politicians. Also, I perceive him to be a person who is immeasurably talented, he has a God-given talent. The lyrics that he has authored are a reflection of a soul that is a real chestnut.

Ladislav Goral

We will be voting for Mr Jiří Drahoš, we believe that he is not such a racist as Mr Zeman is. The remarks of Mr Zeman border on imbecility.

Gejza Horváth

I voted for Mr Zeman last time, and today I am ashamed of him and for myself. I must correct that bad choice, and so I will be voting for Horáček. This is a candidate who is not politically tarnished and who, moreover, has created great culture and long-lasting things of value for the Czech Republic. As president he would certainly return gravitas to the office of the president, both in the eyes of the people and in the eyes of the world. I believe he will not act on his own behalf, but on behalf of the citizens, and that Romani people will again be considered human beings by the President if he is elected.

Miroslav Kováč

Choosing the head of state, the president, is no less important than choosing whom to elect to either chamber of the Parliament of the Czech Republic, although the office predominantly has the nature of a figurehead. The current president has clearly held a mirror up to society and through his maneuvers, which have very often been on the edge of constitutionality, he has deformed our democratic values and divided our society. By supporting fascist/communist policies, he has returned all of society to the days before 1989 and, in contravention of Constitutional customs, he is support a new minority Government through which he is establishing a totalitarian regime. It is, therefore, very important, more than at any other time, to participate in these elections, because what is at stake is the democratic order of the Czech Republic. For that reason, I will vote for the only candidate about whom I personally have the feeling that he will not divide society but unite it, and that is Mr Michal Horáček.

Ondřej Kocur

As far as the presidential elections go, it's very complicated because I do not know many of the candidates - I just know them from television and the information they make available, etc. In any event, I currently am tending toward Mr Drahoš, who seems to me to one of a very few candidates who is, from my perspective, the most appropriate, both morally and as a person. The president should be somebody who is acceptable on both a moral and personal level. It is essential that the president also be fair to all, irrespective of the social groups they belong to, and that he bring people together. I personally prioritize legislators on the political scene, generally speaking, because that is where all of the legislative processes unfold that then impact the lives of us "ordinary people". Nevertheless, the president represents the Czech Republic to the world and has certain powers on the basis of the Constitution, etc., and that is, naturally, no less important.

redakce, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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