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October 24, 2021



Neo-Nazi speech-giver in Czech Republic is a policeman who lectures at schools in Slovakia

Prague / Trenčín / Trnava , 16.5.2011 21:03, (ROMEA)
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The residents of Trnava, Slovakia probably never thought their school-aged children would ever be listening to lectures by uniformed municipal police officer Marián Mišún (31). Mišún is best known for his boldly extremist approach and statements in which he publicly speaks of Roma people as "asocial Gypsy parasites" and calls for the institution of labor camps and forced sterilization. He is also infamous in the Czech Republic for giving a racist speech at a neo-Nazi event in Nový Bydžov this past March. The Slovak Prosecutor will be pursuing charges against him for that speech.

According to the Slovak association People against Racism (Lidé proti rasismu), a person with Mišún's opinions should not be on a municipal police force. His commanding officer, Igor Keleši, says he is an exemplary police officer and will only be released from service if charged.

Mišún's obviously racist statements are just "indicators" in Trnava

"I consider myself a promoter of Dubček-era socialism with a human face which also takes national interests into account," Marián Mišún told the Slovak internet daily The news server reported that Mišún believes the "Roma question" should be answered as follows:

"I would send parents who endanger the morals of their children to labor camps where they would eat only what they could grow themselves and their children would be taken away from them. Obviously mentally retarded individuals who are not supervised should be placed in institutions so their uncontrollable reproduction does not occur."

"I am glad Marián Mišún is so blunt. Thanks to his statements we won't have to convince anyone of what would happen to basic human rights if public power were ever placed in the hands of the extreme right. Mišún voluntarily admits it of his own accord... All that's missing is for him to say that in the spirit of his concept, only specimens of strong, white individuals should be permitted to exist and to be recognized by the state," Irena Biháriová of People against Racism said in response to Mišún's statements.

Mišún has been a municipal police officer in Trnava for four years. He recently lectured on police topics at one of the elementary schools there - for example, on who thieves are. "The Trnava Town Hall does have an ethical codex in place for its employees, but will not concern itself with Mišún," Slovak radio station Expres reported. Town hall spokesperson Pavel Tomašovič said Mišún's public dissemination of hateful opinions was merely an "indicator": "I do not have the relevant information needed to let him go, it can't be done on the basis of indicators, the Labor Law takes precedence over the ethical codex." On the basis of these "indicators", the town will supposedly ban Mišún from lecturing in the schools. "Given his publicly presented opinions, the town will halt that activity," Tomašovič told news server

Mišún gave a racist speech in the Czech Republic too

According to Radio Expres, Mišún claims he was only "speaking the truth" in the Czech Republic. "This is just a way for the false humanists to get publicity," the extremist said of anti-racism activists who have objected to his remarks.

In Nový Bydžov, Mišún said the following, among other remarks:"… I would like to greet you... on behalf of an important fighter against the Gypsy parasites, corrupt politicians, and Zionists, Marián Kotleba… in Bohemia you have a serious Gypsy problem today that must be radically addressed as soon as possible. In Slovakia, however, what we have can't even be called a Gypsy problem anymore, but a Gypsy terror reminiscent of a second Kosovo in many respects…. If you don't wake up and take a stand to resist the corrupt politicians and Gypsy parasites, it is more than certain that given the high birth rate of Gypsies, the same fate awaits the Czech Republic as is occurring today in Slovakia: Gypsy illiterates have occupied the post of mayor and will gradually start governing Slovakia… On top of it all the Gypsy asocials are happily murdering, raping and thieving… Today we can see how Europe is being torn apart by these weird birds with their slanted eyes… Thanks to multicultural education, the most beautiful women in Europe, Czech and Slovak girls, are losing their pride with various immigrants from exotic countries. It is literally considered modern today for a young European woman to find herself some weird, odd-colored monkey who doesn't know how to work..."

Miroslav Kováč, a Roma activist and resident of the Janov housing estate in Litvínov, filed criminal charges against Mišún over this speech. The state prosecutor in Hradec Králové has delivered the charges to the Slovak Prosecutor. According to the Trenčín office of the Slovak Prosecutor, Mišún is suspected of having committed the crime of defaming a creed, nation, or race.

Mišún is the former head of the now-dissolved local branch of the Slovak Foundation (Matice slovenskej) in Púchov, where he also ran for mayor. He is a member of the chauvinist association "Slovenská pospolitost" (Slovak Solidarity) and the neo-Nazi People's Party "Our Slovakia" (Lidová strana Naše Slovensko). He is currently studying political science.

František Kostlán, Gwendolyn Albert, František Kostlán, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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