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June 26, 2022



No conflict during march of Czech extreme rightists

Postoloprty, 21.2.2009 20:28, (ROMEA)

A two-hour campaign of vigilante patrols of the extreme rightist Czech Workers' Party (DS), who claimed they monitored the situation in the town fraught with tension between the majority and the "unadaptable" minority, was held without any conflicts today.

About 40 DS members marched from the railway station to the town center, speaking with locals and distributing their paper Delnicke listy (Workers' Newspaper).

After their march and speeches at the square they returned to the railway station shortly before 15:00.

The police watched the rally, but there was no conflict.

Some Romany activists froma ROMEA association distributed their own paper.

DS deputy chairman Petr Kotab said 99 percent of the addressed residents were of the view that the town did not want to settle the problems with unadaptable citizens, agreeing with the presence of the DS.

"There will be certainly more reactions. We will accept them all and then we will send an appeal to the town mayor," Kotab said.

Kotab said night calm was being regularly disturbed and drug addicts met in the square.

Kotab said if the town hall did not resolve the situation, the DS would return to Postoloprty.

In mid-February, the Czech Supreme Administrative Court (NSS) adjourned the proceedings on the abolition of the extra-parliamentary DS until March 4 when it is to issue a verdict.

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