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September 19, 2021



Online: The Neo-Nazi march is over, police took harsh action only against the anti-fascists

Ústí nad Labem, 21.4.2009 11:01, (ROMEA)

Neo-Nazis and neo-fascists from the grouping around the Autonomous Nationalists, National Resistance and the Workers' Party marched thorugh Ústí nad Labem under the leadership of WP vice-chair Petr Kotáb and Filip Vávra, a leading representative of the National Resistance organization. Neo-Nazis from the WP went to the nearby town of Krupka in the afternoon to provoke the Roma there as well. followed the neo-Nazi provocation all day online.



The web server is ending its online reporting on the neo-Nazi march in Ústí nad
Labem. We thank all our co-workers who were directly on the spot risking their safety.
We also thank all of the (well-behaved) readers who visited We apologize for some grammatical errors or imprecise usages, the situation was very tense and difficult to get solid information about at times. We will bring you more information in future articles. KEEP TUNED TO THIS SERVER FOR NEWS!
The neo-Nazis are dispersing, the event is over. Only half of them returned to Lidické náměstí. Police will be on duty in the streets all night.
Minister Michael Kocáb is back among the Roma in Předlice.
22:42 correspondents are driving alongside a group of about 150 neo-Nazis who are now heading towards the train station without police escort.
Another critical moment in the neo-Nazi action:  At this point in the incident in Přerov a few weeks ago, the neo-Nazis attacked the police after the demonstration was officially over. In Ústí nad Labem, police have surrounded the Maha restaurant, where the neo-Nazis' opponents are concentrated. The police are also keeping several journalists, including our correspondents, inside and have refused to let them out!
The march is over, the neo-Nazis are back on Lidické náměstí.
The neo-Nazi march is coming to an end and returning to Lidické náměstí.
The neo-Nazis are being led by Workers' Party vice-chair Petr Kotáb together with
Filip Vávra, a leading representative of the National Resistance group.
The Nazis have passed through the "alley of shame", created by people from the initiative "We don't want Nazis in Ústí". The alley is created by photos of people turning their backs on the Nazis.
According to our correspondents, the police intervention against the anti-fascists was quite callous. The neo-Nazis are marching on unmolested. Several of those opposing the neo-Nazis were injured during the police intervention. "The anti-fascists have suffered light injuries from the police firecrackers, and according to the owner of the Maha restaurant, the police intervened against them for no reason at all," our correspondent says. The anti-fascists are now chanting slogans such as "We don't want Nazis in Ústí!" They are also yelling "Gestapo, Gestapo!" at the police. The situation is quite tumultuous.
The neo-Nazis have not encountered their opponents, whom the police have pushed away from the route for the march, using water cannon against the anti-fascists so the Nazis can continue on their way! Some anti-fascists have been detained.
Police are intervening against the neo-Nazis' opponents using fireworks, the situation is becoming difficult to follow.
The neo-Nazis are approaching a critical place whether their opponents have gathered. Whistling and explosions can be heard. There are many more neo-Nazis, around 300, while there are approximately 200 radical resisters against them. Riot police are on guard.
To the sound of drums, and with candles in their hands, the neo-Nazis are walking through the streets of Ústí nad Labem as the police clear the way for them, allowing no one to come near them. "The police have taken away the sticks the neo-Nazis were using for their flags. There are a lot of police officers," our correspondent says.
The speeches are over. The neo-Nazis are lining up for the march. One small group is holding a German flag from 1933 - 35.
Among the neo-Nazis is
Jiří Švehlík, a member of National Resistance and the Workers' Party, who convened the neo-Nazi march in Přerov, in Moravia, a few weeks ago.
The neo-Nazis continue to speak. Berčík says Winston Churchill was a war criminal.
Police have begun pushing those opposed to the neo-Nazis away from the route of the march.
The situation is difficult to follow. Our correspondent reports the police are surrounding the anti-fascists.
Neo-Nazis are photographing the faces of journalists as the speakers rail against the democratic order and call the Americans "brutes in their cockpits".
A woman from the village of Lidice who survived the extermination there only to spend three years in a concentration camp says: "These neo-Nazis are idiots, don't they realize that the regime they are celebrating planned the same fate for them, as members of an inferior nation, that they are now planning for their opponents? The Nazis held similar marches during the 1930s and we all know how that ended. I am saddened by this."
Opponents of the neo-Nazis on Masarykova třída are determined to block the neo-Nazi march. "The police are negotiating with them now, but they have not yet convinced the anti-fascists to get out of the way," our correspondent reports.
According to our correspondent, the situation during the march will be very dangerous, some parts of the route are completely unlit.
A German neo-Nazi, assisted by Czech neo-Nazis from the Workers' Party, National Resistance and the Autonomous Nationalists,
is speaking on Lidické náměstí beneath a billboard of the children from Lidice who died in the Nazi gas chambers. The neo-Nazis responded to the speech in German with thunderous applause, while their response to Adam Berčík's speech was lukewarm. The German speech was reminiscent of the diction of Adolf Hitler's speeches.
Jiří Bunda of Kladno is among those in attendance; he organized last year's neo-Nazi pogrom against the Roma in Janov.
The Nazis have begun to speak on Lidické náměstí, our correspondent reports.
The Nazis have forbidden their members to smoke, yell slogans or drink alcohol during the march. The neo-Nazi provocation is beginning.
A bus with 50 neo-Nazis from Germany has arrived in Ústí nad Labem.
Among the neo-Nazis on Lidické náměstí our correspondent sees Workers' Party vice-chair Petr Kotáb; one of the leading representatives of National Resistance, Filip Vávra; and Martin Frank, recently convicted of the crime of supporting and promoting a movement aimed at suppressing human rights and freedoms.
Minister Michael Kocáb is still in Ústí nad Labem, he entered the town hall with a hood on.
Police have detained a neo-Nazi with a backpack full of explosives. The neo-Nazis are still waiting for two buses of hardcore Nazis on Lidické náměstí.
The neo-Nazis are having technical difficluties.
Adam Berčík, a 20-year-old waiter and Workers' Party member, has asked his fellow-travelers for patience. The neo-Nazis are gathering beneath a large billboard depicting a statue of the children of Lidice who were gassed by the Nazis.

A group of neo-Nazis has attempted to attack the Roma in Předlice. The Roma wanted to defend themselves, but fortunately no conflict occurred, although it was not definitively prevented until the police arrived
. There are around 200 Roma in the streets of Předlice whom the police are trying to get back inside their houses. The Roma are refusing to go indoors, saying they want to prevent the neo-Nazis from carrying out their attacks, according to our correspondent.
The Prima television station has recorded somene giving the Nazi salute at the train station in Ústí nad Labem.
According to our information, the neo-Nazi march will start at 20:00. There are a total of 1 250 police on the streets, of whom 750 are riot police. The police are expecting about 500 neo-Nazis from Bohemia and 100 from Germany and will not permit them to deviate from the planned route.
Our correspondent says there are 300 neo-Nazis at the most on Lidické náměstí. Czech Television estimates the number to be 200.
About 200 opponents of the neo-Nazis have gathered on Masarykova třída. They have banners and are waiting for the neo-Nazis, who are supposed to march past them. One banner reads: "Do you want a white Bohemia? Wait for the snow!" and another: "Against fascism by all possible means."

Lidické náměstí is filling with neo-Nazis. One hundred have arrived from Germany, several hundred are from the Czech Republic. The march should start in approximately 20 minutes. There will be a critical moment at the end of the march; the police are concerned that the neo-Nazis might attack them then, as they did in Přerov a few weeks ago.
The leader of the security operation in Ústí nad Labem, Oldřich Zeman, told journalists that they are informed that approximately 500 Czech neo-Nazis are on the way to Ústí nad Labem. The police have been informed by their German colleagues that about 100 German neo-Nazis are heading to Ústí by car. Another 30 have just gotten off of the train from Dresden. Police took black banners away from two of them, since they were mounted on sticks, which are banned. According to police, there should not be any fighting during the march. "We expecting that to occur once it is over, mainly in the area of the main train station and Mírové náměstí," Zeman said at a press conference.
The neo-Nazis from the Workers' Party who were provoking the Roma in Krupka in the afternoon are on the square.
Gangs of neo-Nazis are on the move in Ústí nad Labem. According to the web server TÝDEN.CZ, the Nazis have attacked a small group of Roma near Masarykova třída. Now they are trying to get into an apartment house where Roma live.
The situation in Ústí nad Labem, Krupka, Trmice and Předlice is being monitored by about 30 members of the informal Gypsy Radical group.
Minister Michael Kocáb has arrived among the Roma in Předlice.
Another rumor about armed Roma refuted. There is total calm in Trmice. "There is a 30-member unarmed Roma patrol here," our correspondent reports.
Lidické náměstí is hermetically sealed, the police are only letting neo-Nazis in, journalists are having a problem getting there and opponents of the neo-Nazis are not permitted there.
Minister for Human Rights and Minorities Michael Kocáb and Lejla Abbasova have walked through the center of Ústí nad Labem.
The organizers of the neo-Nazi event are already on Lidické náměstí.
Adam Berčík, a Workers' Party member and convener of other marches, is there.
According to the Mediafax agency, a minibus with 25 neo-Nazis is heading for the Czech Republic. Police from Saxony are accompanying the bus.
The center of Ústí nad Labem is completely crippled, vehicles are unable to get around and public transit has shut down. Once again, the neo-Nazis are costing the taxpayers several million crowns.
In Přerov, people are protesting against neo-Nazi militants marching through Czech towns. "These neo-Nazi marches are a desperate warning sign. They must be nipped in the bud, because otherwise a situation will explode that not even the police will be able to handle. I have never attended an event similar to this one today, but I believe these excesses will be halted and things will head in the right direction," local priest
František Lízna told ČTK.
Workers' Party members have left Krupka, police officers are waiting for them at the train station in Ústí nad Labem.


The information that the Roma in Predlice are armed is not true. Our correspondent is there. "There are about 100 Roma here, but they are unarmed, the situation is calm," he says. The neo-Nazis and their followers are providing disinformation to the media.

According to unconfirmed information, the Roma in the neighborhoods of Předlice and Trmice are prepared to defend themselves should the neo-Nazis attack. They are armed with sticks and poles.
No neo-Nazis from Germany have arrived in Ústí nad Labem by train so far. The next train from Dresden will arrive after 18:00.
Members of the Workers' Party are heading back to the train station. It is not clear whether they will get on the train and go to Ústí nad Labem or whether their action in Krupka is over.
Minister for Human Rights and Minorities Michael Kocáb has gone to Ústí nad Labem. The neo-Naizs are meeting in a gambling establishment there and starting to move onto Lidické náměstí in small groups. The square is surrounded by police. Opponents of the neo-Nazis have gathered in a restaurant, there are approximately 100 of them with banners.
In Ústí nad Labem the police are preparing for the evening march of neo-Nazis from all over Europe. Mounted police are also on the spot, a reader reports.

Police have forbidden the neo-Nazis from the Workers' Party to walk through the housing estate where the Roma live. Some local people have joined the neo-Nazis.

Workers' Party vice-chair Petr Kotáb is negotiating a march through the Roma housing estate with police. More than 100 Roma have gathered there. Other Roma are arriving in Krupka, but the police are preventing them from joining the locals. "About 60 Roma have remained behind the police barricade, there are about 100 neo-Nazis here," our correspondent says. The Roma are also trying to pacify some Antifa promoters who are causing minor problems.

Speeches by the Workers' Party are continuing. The police are separating the protesting Roma from the neo-Nazis who are provoking them.

Six police vans have parked in Pařížska street in Ústí nad Labem. Another 12 vans have driven towards Velká hradební street. A reader reports calm in the streets of Ústí nad Labem.

The Roma in Krupka have built a barricade out of garbage cans. According to our correspondent they are afraid the neo-Nazis will attack. Our correspondent did not confirm the information reported on that the opponents of the neo-Nazis are drunk and smoking marijuana.

More than 100 Roma are protesting against the Workers' Party in Krupka. Some non-Roma are also taking a stand against the neo-Nazis
The Workers' Party gathering in Krupka has started, WP vice-chair Petr Kotáb started by making offensive statements about Minister Michael Kocáb. The Roma and other opponents of the neo-Nazis respond by whistling and shouting their disagreement.
In Krupka there are already almost 100 police officers. Some of the neo-Nazis from the Workers' Party are trying to get into the housing estate where the Roma live. The police have stopped them and arrested one demonstrator, according to the web server
The opponents of the neo-Nazis have started arriving in Ustí nad Labem. They are gathering in several restaurants.
Minister for Human Rights and Minorities Michael Kocáb is in Krupka.
According to our information, the claims by the web server that the Roma and anarchists have attacked the neo-Nazis are untrue. Our correspondent is on the spot and says those reports are ridiculous. "The situation is calm. There are riot police monitoring the situation, but no conflict has occurred," she says, confirming that there are non-Roma opponents of the neo-Nazis there.
Lubomír Zaorálek of ČSSD said at a press conference that it is unacceptable for neo-Nazis to be marching through Czech towns. "The neo-Nazis are a serious threat," he said.
About 60 Roma from Janov are heading to the Workers' Party gathering in Krupka.
Respectable inhabitants of Ústí nad Labem are fed up with the neo-Nazis and believe the police should break up this provocation. "This is unbelievably vulgar. I do not understand why they picked Ústí. No one invited them here. They have the nerve to meet on Lidické náměstí [a square named after the village of Lidice, destroyed by the Nazis - Translator] and to invite their German counterparts. Their role models burned Lidice to the ground," an older woman named Marie told the web server Aktuálně.cz.
Neo-Nazis from the Workers' Party are marching through Krupka, police are trying to prevent conflict between them and the Roma.
Minister for Human Rights and Minorities Michael Kocáb is heading to Krupka, as confirmed to by his spokesperson and advisor, Lejla Abbasová.
Police in Ústí nad Labem are on the alert; the next train from Germany arrives in 15 minutes.
In Krupka about 60 Roma have taken a stand against the Workers' Party provocateurs. Riot police are separating the two camps. A helicopter is flying over Krupka and the situation is very tense. The Roma claim that while they do not want conflict, they will not hide from the neo-Nazis.
According to the server, the Roma are trying to take a stand against the provocation by the Workers' Party neo-Nazis.
In Ustí nad Labem vehicles full of neo-Nazis are starting to turn up. Some neo-Nazis were seen on the outskirts of town buying food at a supermarket. Nothing can be purchased in the center of town, everything is shut. Some restaurants have remained open in protest at the neo-Nazis and have announced that no Nazis will be welcome there. One ice cream parlor has also stayed open.
The information broadcast by Czech Television has proven to be incorrect. About 35 Workers' Party members have arrived in Krupka; the police searched them and found knives and brass knuckles. Two people were arrested for causing a public disturbance. Ilona Novotná, spokesperson for the Teplice police, refused to clarify for the web server whether these were promoters or members of the Workers' Party. She would only say that they were people from Krupka. No conflict between the Roma and the neo-Nazis has occurred.
Czech Television reports a conflict has occurred between the Roma and neo-Nazis from the Workers' Party in Krupka. Police are allegedly intervening on the spot. We will confirm this information.
The police have confiscated sticks, knives and machetes during their searches of the automobiles.
Police officers are gathering at the ice-skating rink in
Ústí. The most recent information is that up to 1 000 neo-Nazis from all over Europe are expected. Ústí has transformed itself into a ghost town, there is almost no one on the streets.
Roma in the
Ústí neighborhoods of Trmice and Předlice will be on patrol in front of their homes. They are concerned the neo-Nazis will attack.
A police helicopter is flying over Ústí nad Labem.
The neo-Nazis have announced that instead of torches they will carry candles this evening. "No reasonable person believes those candles are proof of some sort of reverence for the war victims. In reality, they are candles for the birthday cake of the war criminal and murderer of Lidice, Adolf Hitler. They are spitting in the faces of the dead men, women and children of Lidice,"
Václav Houfek, secretary of research at the Museum of the Town of Ústí nad Labem, told Dení .

Photo: Museum of the Town of Ústí nad Labem

For the time being there is calm in Ústí nad Labem, even though two of the scheduled events were announced to have begun at 8:00 AM.
Jarmila Hrubešová, spokeswoman for the North Bohemian Police, told ČTK that the police officers who have the task of maintaining order in the town are in place. They are monitoring the access roads into Ústí nad Labem and the train and bus stations.
Police officers are searching various spots around the town hall, including shrubbery, for dangerous objects which the neo-Nazis might use as weapons.
The center of town is almost entirely depopulated due to the neo-Nazis. Almost no cars are parked there, all the shops are closed, some have their windows boarded up with wood or cardboard. Some owners are installing shutters right now.
A yellow tape with photographs of people turning their backs on the neo-Nazis has appeared along the route of the march towards the center of town. It was hung here overnight by the initiative "We don't want neo-Nazis in Ústí".
Gwendolyn Albert, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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