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May 27, 2020
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OSF Prague announces grant supporting the desegregation of Czech schools

Prague, 5.1.2010 8:09, (ROMEA)

OSF Prague has announced a new grant program supporting the desegregation of Czech schools. The maximum amount that can be requested is CZK 500 000. Applications should be submitted by 16:00 on 20 January or be postmarked 20 January.

The program is designed for non-governmental, non-profit organizations. Its support is intended for projects assisting the desegregation of Czech schools, especially projects designed in accordance with the aim of the Together to School coalition to implement the ECHR verdict in the case of “DH and others vs. the Czech Republic”. Organizations that are not members of the coalition may also apply.

Support will be provided primarily for:

Outreach and campaigns

Shadow reports on the performance of the Czech School Inspection Authority (Česká školní inspekce – ČSI)

Activities targeting the establishers of “practical” elementary schools

Pilot projects for the reintegration of pupils from “practical” elementary schools to mainstream schools

Projects focused on improving the quality of the diagnoses performed by the pedagogical-psychological counseling centers (pedagogicko-psychologický poradny - PPP) and the Special Education Centers (Speciálně pedagogická centra - SPC)

Non-profit organizations applying for a foundation contribution should submit a request on the official form, including:

A brief introduction of the applicant

A description of the project, maximum five pages in length

A presentation of the aims of the project and the changes to be achieved through its implementation

A proposal of the activities through which the project aims will be achieved

A budget

CZK 2 500 000 is available in this program category. The maximum amount that can be requested is CZK 500 000. The deadline for applying is 20 January 2010 by 16:00 or through an application postmarked 20. 1. 2010.

Submit seven printed copies of the application to:

Nadace Open Society Fund Praha

Seifertova 47

130 00 Praha 3

as well as an electronic copy to

Please clearly write the program name on the envelope: Vzdělávání (Education)

Topics for projects we would like to support:

Informing Romani parents of the specifics of “practical” and “special” elementary schools, combined with long-term assistance to families

Production of a shadow report on the fulfillment of the “DH and others” verdict by the Czech government

Strengthening the cooperation of the Together to School coalition with the ČSI – producing a shadow analysis of ČSI investigations

Strengthening the activities of the Together to School coalition in negotiations with establishers of elementary schools (primarily the regional authorities)

Support for work in the field with PPPs and SPCs

Gwendolyn Albert, ROMEA, ROMEA, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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